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Ivar the Boneless (Alex Høgh Andersen) has been dealing with a lot in season 6. He has to run from his home of Kattegat on the Silk Road and towards a new life. He’s eventually taken to meet Prince Oleg (Danila Kozlovsky), who is more than an equal match for him. Oleg’s new wife is very familiar to Ivar and has fans asking a lot of questions. Read on to find out what viewers are saying.

Prince Oleg marries a woman who looks like Freydis

Alex Høgh Andersen
Alex Høgh Andersen | Phillip Massey/Getty Images

Oleg has married a woman who looks identical to Freydis (Alicia Agneson). Viewers will remember that Freydis was Ivar’s wife when he was ruling Kattegat. He killed her for betraying him to his brothers. Princess Katya is Freydis’ doppelganger and Ivar is convinced they are one in the same.

In the most recent episode, Oleg has married Katya and they eat dinner in the presence of Ivar. Katya then asks to take off her dress because she’s feeling overheated. Oleg and Katya have relations right there on the table in front of Ivar who is forced to stay and watch. It’s strange and also makes it more obvious that Oleg must know something about Freydis.

Prince Oleg could know more than he’s saying

Fans are divided on the entire situation concerning just how much Oleg knows and who this Freydis lookalike really is. Oleg could have been watching Ivar for a while, since he has spies and influence.

“Oleg as he told to Ivar in this episode he knows everything about him and his life he probably knows about Freydis and how she looks too ..because he has spies all over Kattegat,” a Reddit user explained.

Could Ivar just be hallucinating?

Others think maybe it’s just Ivar hallucinating that she looks so much like his former wife. He could feel a lot of guilt for killing her and maybe that’s why he’s seeing her now.

“Nah the girl herself definitely isn’t identical to Freydis,” another user said. “She probably looks different but due to Ivar’s PTSD and guilt I think that’s why he’s seeing her face.”

Ivar could be playing Oleg

Ivar may be playing the game just as well as Oleg to fool him. “I think Oleg has doubts about Ivar’s skills and loyalty,” a user explained. “So Ivar playing weak sells the doubts and makes him think that he can manipulate Ivar to at least some degree. I also think his approach to dealing with Ivar comes from a place of arrogance, rather than cold manipulation.”

Other viewers still have their doubts. How could Oleg know about Freydis and what she accurately looked like? How could Freydis still be alive after Ivar killed her already? That also leaves open other questions like how and why did he find someone to look like her just to mess with Ivar?

“Hang on a sec. How is Oleg supposed to know that his wife is a double for Ivar’s murdered one?” a Reddit user asked. “Look her up on Facebook, did he? Ordered a replica bride from Russia, maybe? Even as far down the line as Henry VIII accurate portraits were not common.”

One thing is certain, Freydis and Katya look identical. There are still so many questions fans have about the situation. Hopefully, they’ll get the answers in regards to who this woman is and what she wants from Ivar.