Why Was YouTuber Jeffree Star’s Disastrous Video About Kobe Bryant So Controversial?

Many people and celebrities turned to social media in the moments and days following the horrific death of Kobe Bryant. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram immediately became flooded with posts capturing the world’s reactions to the tragic news.

Most people found solace and comfort in the trending posts while mourning and grieving the nine lives that were lost as a result of the deadly helicopter crash that took place on January 26th. However, that wasn’t the case for everybody.

The popular makeup artist Jeffree Star received a lot of backlash as a result of the video he shared after learning the dreadful news.

Jeffree Star
Jeffree Star | Rosdiana Ciaravolo/Getty Images

Who is Jeffree Star?

Star is an established individual when it comes to the world of beauty and makeup. Since the days of Myspace, Star has been sharing his personality and passion with his followers. His hard work has definitely paid off.

Over 16 million people have subscribed to his YouTube channel. Jeffreestar, the official name of Star’s YouTube channel, has become a staple in the world of vlogging and makeup tutorials. Star’s love for makeup from a young age has spurred his goals and success over the past few years.

At points of Star’s career, he explored the possibility of making music. However, that didn’t pan out the way Star had quite hoped. Star continues to work on his identity and career in the makeup industry.

Recently, Star revealed that his relationship with his longtime boyfriend, Nathan Schwandt, has come to an end. In typical Star fashion, he has a whole video dedicated to debriefing his fans and followers on the updates of his love life.

Jeffree Star’s reputation for being self-centered

It is no secret that Star has a reputation for being a tad self-centered. Often times the public will question Star’s intentions on getting involved in certain manners.

For instance, when YouTube stars Tati Westbrook and James Charles got into a feud, Star took it upon himself to jump in the drama and take a side. Star is not afraid to use his voice.

Star is known to use social media as an opportunity to throw shade at celebrities like Kylie Jenner. From sharing his disappointment in the quality of products to discussing the absurdity of the Jenner’s pricing, Star has an opinion on it all.

Though Nikkie de Jager and Star are friends, Star cannot let an opportunity pass by without sharing his input and feedback. This became obvious with the drama surrounding NikkiTutorial and the makeup brand and company Too Faced.

Why did Jeffree Star’s video about Kobe Bryant’s death anger so many fans?

Star seems to have a reputation for his selfish tendencies, but that did not make people any less shocked to see the video he shared with the public following the death of Kobe Bryant.

Star’s video showed the wreckage and surrounding area of the crash on a Snapchat video. Star goes on to comment on how he cannot believe the crash and death of Bryant took place only two miles away from his house.

In the moment, Star’s self-centered inclinations sent the public into a frenzy. People immediately began judging Star for finding some way to try to make the appalling helicopter crash about himself.

Though everyone processes information and grieves differently, many people on Twitter called Star out for his insensitivity. 

In the controversial video, Star does address the pain and sadness that Bryant’s family must be enduring, but it still doesn’t take away his initial introduction of the video.

Even though behavior and comments of this nature are typical of Star, many people are wondering if Star went too far with his Snapchat video about Bryant’s death.