Why We Think Hannah B. Is Jealous of Victoria F.’s Relationship With ‘Bachelor’ Peter Weber

Peter Weber‘s relationships with the remaining four Bachelor contestants have been pretty solid so far. But his connection with Victoria Fuller has many — especially Hannah Brown — questioning if it’s the real deal or not.

Hannah Brown
Hannah Brown | John Shearer/WireImage

Though Weber clearly sees a potential future with Fuller, some of us are convinced Brown doesn’t think this contestant is right for the pilot.

While fans can argue that the former Bachelorette just wants what’s best for her ex, Brown’s latest Instagram post has us wondering if she’s actually a little jealous of Fuller’s relationship with Weber?

Did Brown’s recent Instagram post prove she’s jealous of Fuller?

There is no question that the internet has a ton of opinions about Bachelor front-runner, Victoria Fuller.

While fans haven’t been afraid to share their thoughts on this controversial contestant, it turns out that Hannah Brown doesn’t have a problem doing so either.

During the latest episode of The Bachelor, many were quick to notice that Brown seemingly shaded Fuller as she recorded herself watching the show.

In the now-deleted video shared to her Instagram Story, Brown can be seen fully engulfed in the dramatic group date Weber had with Fuller, Hannah Ann Sluss, and Kelley Flanagan.

As Brown was getting ready to talk to the camera, she stopped short when she heard Fuller semi-jokingly say, “it’s annoying to be around me.”

After hearing this line, Brown looked at the camera and low-key shaded Fuller by saying, “well…you said itttttttt.”

Though this isn’t the first time a Bachelor alum has shaded a current contestant in the public eye, we can’t help but wonder if Brown’s comment came from a place of jealousy?

‘Bachelor’ fans are convinced Brown still has feelings for Weber

Although nothing before now has led us to believe that Brown is jealous of Fuller, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to assume that she has some thoughts about her, especially since she is the contestant Weber seems the most smitten with.

So far, Fuller has gotten two one-on-one dates with the pilot, and though he continues to question whether or not she’s as committed in their relationship as he is, the connection between them is undeniable.

Despite their last few dates being pretty awful, Weber continues to keep Fuller around — much to Bachelor Nation’s dismay.

Since it’s pretty clear Weber sees his relationship with Fuller going somewhere, we can’t help but wonder if Brown feels like she’s losing him to the Virginia native and the other women?

Hannah Brown and Peter Weber
Hannah Brown and Peter Weber | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

As many might recall, Brown previously admitted that she still has strong feelings for Weber during one of the first episodes of his season.

Though they contemplated giving their love another try, Brown and Weber ultimately decided to hold off on rekindling their relationship.

After the exes went their separate ways, many began to theorize that the former beauty queen will show up in the season finale and be in Weber’s final three.

While that has yet to be confirmed or denied, Brown recently hinted that something big is in store for Weber’s season.

“You have to keep watching. Isn’t that what we have to say?” the Bachelor alum told Entertainment Tonight in January 2020. When asked whether she will return to Weber’s season, the former bachelorette smiled before saying, “I do not know.”

Brown went on to reveal that despite what happens moving forward, she will always have a special place in her heart for Weber.

“I’m always going to care for him deeply,” she said.

It’s hard to tell if Brown actually wants to get back together with Weber or not, but from what we can tell, she’s keeping a close eye on the women who are still competing for his heart.