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Wendy Williams has become one of the most well-known talk show hosts in daytime television. Williams has been hosting her own show for more than a decade, and she loves involving the audience in everything she talks about. But when she first walks over to her chair for “Hot Topics,” fans might notice that she’s never wearing heels. Here’s why.

Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams | Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

Williams has gained a massive fan base through the years

Williams broke into the media world when she attended college at Northeastern University. She hosted a radio show and went on to become a notable radio DJ. But when the idea of a talk show came up, she and her then-husband, Kevin Hunter, thought it was a good idea. Williams started hosting her show in 2008, and since then, she has gained a massive fan base. Williams has also since filed for divorce from Hunter, and she admitted to fans in 2019 that she had spent some time living in a sober house. But her dedicated fans stuck by her through all of it.

She keeps her show more unique than others

Williams’ fan base has likely grown because of the way she interacts with them. On the show, she considers them her “co-hosts” and makes them an integral part of her show. Williams often asks her audience to “clap” if they agree with something, and toward the end of the show, she jumps into the audience and gives advice to anyone who has questions. Williams has also made “Hot Topics” the signature part of her show, where she discusses celebrity gossip and doesn’t hold back on her opinions — and that’s what everyone loves about her.

Williams never wears heels because of her Graves’ Disease

Some viewers have likely noticed that Williams never wears heels on her show anymore — and some might remember the scary instance when Williams fainted on her show on Halloween back in 2017. The two are actually related. The fainting incident caused Williams, who had been battling Graves’ Disease for years but had kept it at bay, to realize that the disease was affecting her daily life once more.

Graves’ disease is an immune disorder that causes the thyroid to overproduce its thyroid hormone. Williams noted that it was causing problems with her balance, so she stopped wearing heels to lessen the chances of her losing her balance and falling.

Williams has always had a love for fun shoes

Though Williams doesn’t wear stilettos anymore, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t still love them. The talk show host has always had a love for shoes, and she makes her guests’ shoes become a focal point of her show. Williams has something called a “Shoe Cam” where guests put their feet in a certain spot on the floor, and the Shoe Cam shows off what type of footwear they’re wearing. Fans love to see it, and it has become another trademark that makes her show different from all the others. Williams wears either sneakers (tennis shoes) or flats on her show instead of the heels.