Why Whitney Houston Once Planned To Fight Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams has never been shy about asking the tough questions. The 55-year-old talk show host has made a career out of being brutally honest. Fans love it and can relate to the open and honest prospective Williams gives.

But the celebrities, the subjects of her interviews, that’s another story. Williams has made quite a few enemies along the way. 

In 2003, Williams interviewed the late Whitney Houston. Fans still talk about that interview and Houston’s reaction when the radio host asked her about her drug use and an array of personal questions.

Now, Houston’s former lover and life-long friend is opening up about what almost happened after that infamous interview. 

The interview that started it all

Whitney Houston is seen performing on stage during the 2004 World Music Awards.
Whitney Houston | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Williams is all about the shock value. She doesn’t care if her questions offend you, she wants the truth. In 2003, Williams and Houston sat down for an interview.

The interview immediately got off to a rocky start. Williams admitted that she had never met the famous singer, to which Houston responded: “Isn’t that something? You talk about me all the time.”

From there, things only escalated. Things got a little sticky when Williams referred to an interview with Diane Sawyer, which she felt didn’t show Houston in the best light. The singer was taken aback but still maintained composure.

When Williams asked Houston if she was currently using drugs, things exploded. The interview talked about money, her husband’s jail time, and parenting.

The singer was justifiably upset and began lashing out and the host. At one point, Williams called Houston defensive, to which Houston said: “I have to be Wendy. You talk about me every [expletive] day.”

A revealing memoir shares intimate details about the singer’s life

Recently, Houston’s former lover and friend, Robyn Crawford, released a memoir titled “A Song For You: My Life with Whitney Houston.” Fans knew Crawford as a friend of the late singer and always questioned their relationship.

The memoir takes an intimate look at Houston’s life. Crawford talked about the romantic relationship the two shared when they were young adults. She details how they instantly fell for each other and how Houston broke things off after just two years. 

While they ended their romantic relationship, Crawford and Houston remained close friends. But she was never fully accepted in Houston’s life. Houston’s former husband told US Weekly in 2016 that he feels that if Crawford was accepted more in Houston’s life, the singer would still be alive today. 

Robyn Crawford recently discussed Whitney Houston’s reaction to the 2003 interview

It was clear Houston was not a fan of Williams. Her reaction during the 2003 interview said it all. At one point, Houston even admitted: “If this were back in the day in Newark, I’d meet you outside.”

Well, it looks like Houston was close to doing just that. During a recent sit down with Williams, Crawford revealed Houston’s reaction to the interview. She said that the two planned to meet the talk show host and confront her.

While she played off a physical fight, she said the pair’s plan was to go down to Hudson Street and wait for Williams. Crawford said: “We weren’t going to fight. We just wanted to see you face to face and “have a chat.””

Williams held her chest and told Crawford: “I’m frightened. I dodged that bullet.”

How close were the two women to meeting Williams outside? How much truth is there in Crawford’s story? We’ll never truly know. But based on the interview and the interaction between the two women, it’s safe to say that Williams probably wasn’t too far off when she said she “dodged a bullet.”