Will Amanda Bynes’ Mom Allow Her to Stay Engaged?

It is no secret that moms get a wrap for being a tad overbearing. After all, the role of mothering never truly ends. When it comes to mothers and the weddings of their children seeking the approval and support of family and loved ones is only normal.

However, in some cases, a mother’s approval is given a whole new meaning.

Amanda Bynes seems to be understanding that struggle all too well at the moment. Find out why Bynes‘ wedding is completely dependent upon the approval of her mom.

Amanda Bynes recently got engaged

Amanda Bynes on the red carpet
Amanda Bynes | Jason Merritt/Getty Images

With Valentine’s Day just passing the amount of love in the air and on social media was straight up impressive.

Fans and all of the public got to indulge in hundreds and thousands of celebrities Valentine’s Day themed posts and photographs. No post would quite compare to the one Bynes shared on Instagram. On February 14th Bynes posted on her Instagram account that she had gotten engaged to the love of her life.

The caption was accompanied by a photograph of Bynes wearing and showing off the new engagement ring. It seemed like most of the public and her fans weren’t even aware of the fact that she was in a relationship. There has been a lot of conversation and discussion revolving Bynes and her relationship since the news of her engagement broke.

The details surrounding the engagement are scarce, but sources have confirmed that Paul Michael is Byne’s fiancĂ©. From the little information that has been shared, it seems like Byne’s had been dating Michael for just a few months before taking the next big step in their relationship.

Up until the engagement photo was shared, it doesn’t appear that Bynes had ever posted about Michael before. There are a lot of questionable circumstances surrounding the relationship and engagement.

Why might Amanda Bynes’ wedding not actually happen?

Bynes’ conservatorship status is one of the most pressing issues at the forefront of this love story. All the way back in 2014 Bynes was facing troubles with the law and showing signs of mental instability. As a result, Bynes’ mother, Lynn Organ, was appointed as her daughter’s conservator. Bynes’ mother is responsible for managing her finances and life decisions.

Bynes’ mother has the ability to put an end to all of the wedding plans, and according to sources, that seems to be the direction Organ is heading in. Rumor has it that the two met in AA. The short amount of time the couple has spent together paired with the limited information known about Michael seems to be a huge concern for Bynes’ family.

Even though Bynes is engaged, she might not actually be able to get married

How much did Amanda Bynes’ engagement ring cost?

One of the rumors going around about Bynes and her engagement actually has to do with her ring. Believe it or not, some sources are stating that the ring was purchased on Amazon for the mere price of $49.

TMZ has reported that Bynes confided to close friends and family that the diamond ring is indeed fake but that it does not bother her or change her feelings. Some people are wondering if Bynes’ fiancĂ© has a job, and this piece of information could be one very telling piece of the puzzle and mystery surrounding this relationship.

Bynes seems enthusiastic, optimistic, and happy about her new engagement. However, at the same time, Bynes is stressed and perplexed about the momentous occasion.

Despite Bynes desperately wanting to move forward planning her wedding with Michael, it will ultimately come down to the decision made by her mom. Bynes’ fans and the public are dying to know how this love story ends.