Will Eloise Meet her Husband in ‘Bridgerton’ Season 3? The Synopsis Teases a ‘New Ally’

The ton will get a new love story and gossip to focus on as Bridgerton Season 3 has begun filming. Since the second season, fans have been eager to know what will transpire between Colin and Penelope. Besides the compelling friends-to-lovers story, Penelope must also repair her damaged friendship with Eloise. But the synopsis hints that Eloise’s personal story might develop further. Will Bridgerton Season 3 mean Eloise meets her future husband?

[WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Bridgerton book. ]

Eloise finds out about Penelope’s alter ego as Lady Whistledown in ‘Bridgerton’ Season 2

Out of all the Bridgerton siblings, Eloise has proven herself to stray away from the norms of the Regency Era to be her own independent woman. From the get-go, she has never been keen on marriage, much less in the second season when she is introduced to the ton as eligible. Bridgerton Season 2 further developed Eloise’s story as she comes into her own, experiences newfound emotions, and learns the truth about her best friend.

When Lady Whistledown knows more about the Bridgertons than what is feasibly possible, Eloise sets out to uncover her identity. In the process, she meets Theo Sharpe, a printer’s assistant. For the first time, a man interests her emotionally and intellectually. But their difference in social class ends up causing a rift.

Low and behold, Eloise does uncover the truth about Lady Whistledown, but not from Theo. While at the ball, Penelope tells Eloise new gossip, which surprises Eloise. She notices her friend has changed and talks with enthusiasm like never before. Eloise goes to Penelope’s room, finds the money from being Lady Whistldown, and learns the truth.

Between Eloise being heartbroken over her best friend’s betrayal, Bridgerton Season 3 teases she finds a new ally. But is her new ally a female or a male who will become her future love?

‘Bridgerton’ Season 3 will further develop Eloise’s story

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Each season of the Bridgerton series sprinkles in the developing storylines of the siblings. In the second season, fans started to see Benedict’s solo story begin to develop for what could be the fourth or fifth season. The official synopsis for Bridgerton Season 3 reveals fans will get to see more of Eloise as Penelope looks for a husband, deals with Colin, and tries to mend her friendship.

The Netflix press release states, “Complicating matters for Penelope is her rift with Eloise (Claudia Jessie), who has found a new friend in a very unlikely place, while Penelope’s growing presence in the ton makes it all the more difficult to keep her Lady Whistledown alter ego a secret.”

Who is the unlikely ally that Eloise meets? Could it be that Bridgerton Season 3 will begin the future romance between Eloise and Sir Phillip Crane? According to the synopsis for the season, a few months have passed. In Eloise’s solo book, she develops a friendship and becomes pen pals with Phillip Crane after Marina’s death.

It is hard to say how the season will transpire when it comes to Eloise, as she is a spitfire and not one to conform to regular society. Eloise might find comfort in someone else besides Penelope.

Who does Eloise marry in the book series?

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While fans will have to wait to see what happens with Eloise in Bridgerton Season 3, her solo book reveals all. According to the book series order, Eloise’s story comes after Penelope’s. In To Sir Phillip, With Love, Eloise sends a condolence letter to Phillip Crane after Marina dies from an illness.

Her letter moves him, and he writes her back, beginning a pen-pal relationship. They become good friends and develop romantic feelings. One day, Phillip sends Eloise a letter asking for her hand in marriage. Despite having never met her, Phillip knows Eloise is a spinster and thinks she will be a homely and obedient wife.

But he is proven wrong when Eloise takes the plunge and somewhat accepts his proposal. He discovers that Eloise is fiery, intelligent, and a talker. Eloise, on the other hand, never expected Phillip to be a brute, moody and ill-mannered. But despite each other’s bad first impressions, they are attracted to each other. In the end, Eloise meets her match and marries.

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