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Will Forte is a staple of today’s comedic genre. As a comedian, he has incredible range. He can play odd, silly, or smart. Forte’s success is well deserved, he is truly talented. Fans know it. And they express it to him, all the time. According to Entertainment Weekly, one fan even expressed his love for Forte in the nude. It isn’t as weird as it sounds. Or maybe it is?

Will Forte deserves a lot of praise 

Will Forte attends the red carpet premiere party for Peacock's new comedy series "MacGruber" at California Science Center on December 08, 2021 in Los Angeles.
Will Forte | Rodin Eckenroth/FilmMagic

Forte, like many other comedy greats, got his TV experience on Saturday Night Live. He started on the show in 2002, but he already had a wealth of writing experience, according to IMDb. His familiarity with a TV writer’s room from shows like The Jenny McCarthy Show and The Late Show with David Letterman was probably a deciding factor for Lorne Michaels when he brought Forte on to SNL. 

In 2010, Forte ended his eight-year SNL run, and began his comedy career in earnest. His first film, MacGruber, was a big hit. Now, Forte stars in MacGruber television show. Another movie, MacGruber 2, has been announced. And that’s not all. The Last Man on Earth was comedy gold. Forte wrote and starred in that show as well. It netted him three primetime Emmy nominations, in addition to the two he already had from previous work. All in all, Forte is a big deal.  

A fan at the gym praised Will Forte’s work in the nude

According to Entertainment Weekly, Forte once experienced a fan so excited to see him that he didn’t even put on his underwear before telling Forte how great he was. Forte was apparently at the gym, and a fan stopped him in the shower to tell him how much he loved Forte’s show. The man had a towel, but it wasn’t covering any of his important bits. Forte says the towel was “in his hand,” and the man was “completely buck naked.” 

Forte says the fan was just excited to share his opinion. “He really wanted to express just how much he liked the show, like, ‘No, really, man! Seriously! Friggin’ love it!'”

It was weird, but Forte was okay with it. “It was fine. I just kept my eyes at noon on the clock. That was the weirdest situation, but it was still very nice to hear positive thoughts. I would take naked praise over full-clothed disdain any day.”

Will Forte isn’t the only celebrity to have an odd fan encounter


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Plenty of celebrities have opened up about their strange fan interactions. According to Entertainment Weekly, Chris Colfer of Glee is constantly being shown fan tattoos of his own face. Fans (especially the ladies) ask Michael Kelly to take pictures pretending to strangle them a la Doug Stamper from House of Cards. 

Some fan encounters are really positive. Jamie Lee Curtis met her Doppelganger in Iowa. According to Entertainment Weekly, Curtis saw a man who looked a lot like her at a Starbucks. When she approached him and mentioned their similarities, he turned out to be a huge fan who had dressed as her character, Cathy Munsch, for Halloween. Curtis enjoyed the encounter. She said “He had short gray hair and round glasses and a thin face — and I smiled and went, ‘Hi, we could be brother and sister.’ And he went, ‘Well, I went as you, I went as Dean Munsch for Halloween. In drag.’ And then he showed me a picture. Amazing. That doesn’t happen to me every day.”