‘Will & Grace’: Megan Mullally’s Husband Nick Offerman Played 2 Different Parts in the Series

Megan Mullally has been making her way through show business for over 40 years. However, her most famous role continues to be that of Karen Walker in the hit NBC sitcom Will and Grace. On that show, one particular guest star had a special place in Mullally’s heart, and that man was her husband, Nick Offerman. Offerman has had two different guest spots on the show, and neither was related to one another. 

Who is Megan Mullally? 

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Mullally burst into show business in the early 1980s. At the time, she was a twenty-something actress just looking to make a name for herself.

While she appeared in significant hits like Risky Business, it was often as an extra or a minor character. Her first time to shine came in 1986’s The Ellen Burstyn Show, which only lasted for 13 episodes but gave Mullally a broader audience. 

Mullally began to work on television with several guest spots in everything from Wings to voice work in Flintstones specials. In 1998, however, everything changed for the better.

Will & Grace was a massive hit that not only featured unabashedly gay characters but did so in a positive light that wasn’t just the butt of jokes. Mullally’s eccentric Karen was the source of many laughs. The show initially ran until 2006 but was revived in 2017 to great success.

Aside from her work on the show, which ended in 2019, Mullally remains a hard-working actress both in front of the camera and behind a microphone. Fans of Bob’s Burgers will recognize her as the voice of Gayle, but her work stretches far beyond it. For much of her career, Mullally has had a big fan by her side in her famous husband, Nick Offerman. 

When Megan met Nick

Mullally met Offerman in 2000, where both were acting in a play called The Berlin Circle. According to Mullally, the two immediately formed a connection as the only outsiders in the play. They spoke about it with BuzzFeed

She said: “It was in 2000, and we were doing a play with the Evidence Room Theatre Company called The Berlin Circle, and I think we were the only two non-company members. It was our first time working with that theater company. We had a lot of scenes together, and I started thinking, “Wait a minute, he’s funny.” And then I started thinking, “Wait a minute, is he cute? What’s happening?””

The two struck it up immediately, and in the lead-up to the 2003 Emmy awards, they got married. They’ve been going strong ever since.

As Offerman started gaining popularity thanks to Parks and Recreation, a new beloved celebrity couple was born. However, after the pair came together, it was only right that Offerman would appear on the show that made his wife famous. 

Nick Offerman takes the stage

Nick Offerman as Jackson Boudreaux, Megan Mullally as Karen Walker on 'Will & Grace.'
Nick Offerman as Jackson Boudreaux, Megan Mullally as Karen Walker on ‘Will & Grace.’ | Chris Haston/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

Offerman and Mullally have appeared side-by-side in several projects, from American Ham on Netflix to Offerman’s Parks and Recreation. However, when it came to his appearances on Will and Grace, something was different.

In season four of the show, Offerman played a plumber named Nick in a special Thanksgiving episode. 

When the show was revived, however, Offerman’s star power was much higher. Rather than bring back Nick, he played a brand-new character, a celebrity chef who slept with both titular characters.

In an added twist of irony, he had no involvement with Karen. Offerman’s second role, specifically, was a hilarious nod to his real-life relationship that also gave fans of his a treat. 

Now with Will and Grace off the air, fans will have to wait and see what’s coming up next for the Hollywood power couple. However, no matter what it is, it will have to live up to the hilarious arc they had during his second sting on the show.