Will ‘Jane the Virgin’ Be Rebooted? Justina Machado Is Totally Here For a Reunion

From the time it premiered in 2014, fans were glued to Jane The Virgin. Starring Gina Rodriguez as Jane Villanueva, the series told the story of a virgin who was mistakenly inseminated during a routine doctor visit. It was lauded for its gripping plot, comedic aspects, and interesting set of characters.

After five seasons, the show wrapped in 2019 with an ending that left the door open for a possible reboot or reunion. But what are the odds of that? Only time will tell, but Jane the Virgin star Justina Machado tells us that she is totally open to the idea.

Justina Machado on the red carpet at an award show in August 2018
Justina Machado on the red carpet at an award show in August 2018 | JC Olivera/Getty Images

How the show ended and Justina Machado’s comments on a ‘Jane the Virgin’ reunion

What started as an accidental insemination turned into a fairytale for Jane. She finally settled down with her boyfriend Rafael and inked a huge book deal to tell her life story.

A reunion could easily focus on her life as a newlywed, how she’s gone on to elevate herself professionally, and what her peers have been up to. But there aren’t any plans to move forward with one, as of this writing.

If there was, though, Machado would be on board, telling us that she loved the show and the cast she worked with. Machado played Darci Factor, a matchmaker who sparked a romance with Jane’s dad, Rogelio.

Another one of her series is back on the air

While fans pray for a reboot or reunion of Jane the Virgin, at least one of Machado’s series has come back. Her comedy series One Day at a Time was revived in June 2019 three months after its cancelation and debuted in March. Machado not only acts on the show but has also directed an episode and produced the latest season.

Speaking about the show, Machado says: “I thought it was dead … It took months but [it came back] because of the fans. That was because of the social media outcry. That was because of all the hard work that our executive producers did and all the hard work that Sony did. It’s kind of unheard, a show that got canceled off of Netflix and now has a run on another network. So it’s exciting. I’m so happy.”

One Day at a Time is a comedy-drama that focuses on Penelope (Machado), a single army veteran who lives in a house with her two children and mother. It used to run on Netflix but is now housed on Pop TV. The latest season has met widespread praise, with The New York Times noting that it was “big on laughs and purpose.”

The cast of ‘One Day At A Time’ | JC Olivera/Getty Images

Other things Justina Machado has worked on

Aside from the entertainment world, Machado has also participated in humanitarian work. In late 2019, she partnered with Marriott International for its #LoveTravels Beyond Barriers initiative, which highlights community leaders who are “actively championing strategies to promote inclusion, equality, human rights and peace.”

She highlighted the work of Isabel Rullán and her organization ConPRmetidos, which aims to make Puerto Rico more self-sufficient. It has had a greater challenge following 2017’s Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria, which caused catastrophic damage to the island. But with the help of locals like Rullán and Puerto Ricans around the world like Machado, they are making a change.

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“It’s getting better, but people are still in the recovery process,” Machado says of the people in Puerto Rico, which is home to some of her older relatives. Even though times are still tough, Machado says the resilient spirit of Puerto Ricans has shone through.

“That’s the thing about Puerto Ricans and of course I’m biased, but there’s just a thing about working through what you have to work through with a smile, with happiness, with joy and attacking something head-on and learning the lessons and not concentrating on the bad. but we’re doing something about it and that’s what’s important,” she concludes.

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