Will Jessa Duggar Have as Many Children As Her Mom?

Jessa Duggar and husband Ben Seewald recently announced that they’re expecting their third child together. The couple is thrilled to welcome a new addition to their family, and Jessa is the first of the Duggar daughters to have three kids. Now, fans can’t help but wonder: Will Jessa have as many children as her mother?

Jessa Duggar and siblings
Jessa Duggar surrounded by her siblings | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

Jessa Duggar comes from a family of 19 kids

Duggar is no stranger to large families. She grew up in a household of 19 children, and all of them were birthed naturally by her mother. Growing up, Duggar was always surrounded by siblings; still today, they are her best friends. Although Duggar was very involved in her church, she was still homeschooled and never interacted with kids in a classroom setting the way most American children do. This means that having her siblings by her side growing up was extremely important to her. Duggar still remains extremely close with her sisters Jana, Jill, and Jinger, as well as her cousin Amy.  

Jessa is pregnant with her third child, and she’s only 26

Duggar married Ben Seewald back in 2014, and the couple didn’t wait very long to have children. In typical Duggar fashion, she was pregnant pretty soon after she wed. Now, the couple has two boys together, and in January, the announced that a third one was on the way. The couple hasn’t revealed the baby’s gender, although they do know what they’re having. They want to keep it a surprise to friends and family. Duggar is only 26, but she’ll have three kids before her 27th birthday.

The Duggars do not use birth control but instead want to have as many kids as God gives them

When it comes to family planning, Michelle and Jim Bob put all of it in the hands of God. The Duggar parents actually did use birth control when they were first married, but after Michelle got pregnant and had a miscarriage, they decided that babies are in God’s hands. They raised their children to not believe in any form of birth control, so it’s assumed that Duggar and Seewald are letting God decide on their number of kids the same way her parents did. With that said, this third child probably won’t be their last.

Jessa and Ben are on pace to have plenty of children, but they probably won’t have as many as Michelle Duggar

Right now, Duggar is on pace to have three children within five years. At 26, she may continue to have kids for another 15 years or so. Mathematically, that would mean she’s on pace for about 12 children in her lifetime, although that number is strongly just a guess. There is the possibility she’ll start to have kids more frequently; she may even have a set of twins, since her mother had more than one set. Or, she and Seewald might never have another child. The number of kids Duggar will have is unknown, but based on the pace she’s currently at, she probably won’t have as many as her mother did.

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