Will Kate Middleton’s Mom Get a Title When Prince William Becomes King?

Kate Middleton will get a slew of new titles once her husband, Prince William, takes the throne. William is currently second in the line of succession following his father, Prince Charles. While Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, is set to inherit a new title when her husband takes over, will her mother, Carole Middleton, get any titles once William is the King?

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Kate Middleton with her parents Carole and Michael | POOL/Tim Graham Picture Library/Getty Images

Kate Middleton will receive this title when Prince William is King

When Kate tied the knot with William in 2011 Queen Elizabeth granted her the title of the Duchess of Cambridge. Receiving titles after marrying a member of the royal family is commonplace, and Kate will receive additional titles as William gets closer to the throne.

For example, after Charles becomes King, William will likely inherit his title as the Prince of Wales, making Kate the Princess of Wales. Charles will give this title up when he is on the throne, and all signs point to Kate getting the style, which used to belong to William’s mother, Princess Diana.

Once William takes his father’s place on the throne, Kate will get yet another title. But instead of being the Queen, Kate will become William’s Queen Consort.

As Queen Consort, Kate will be expected to support William throughout his reign and will be treated with the same respect and honor as the ruling monarch. She will also perform regular duties as a member of the royal family, much like she already does.

Traditionally, the mother of the King or Queen of the United Kingdom is given the title of Queen Mother, leaving fans to wonder if the same rule applies to Kate’s mom.

Will Carole Middleton become the Queen Mother?

The mother of the King or Queen is usually given the title of Queen Mother. In this position, the Queen Mother supports the ruling monarch but does not have any claim to the throne herself. The only exception to this rule is if she happens to be first in line to inherit the crown.

Queen Elizabeth was the last person to hold the title of Queen Mother and was Queen Elizabeth II’s mom. She was given the title upon Queen Elizabeth’s coronation and held it until her death over 50 years later.

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Carole, however,  will not receive the title as Queen Mother when William is on the throne. This title is only reserved for the mother of the King or Queen, not the family of the consort.

Kate Middleton’s parents might receive a title before too long

Although the title of Queen Mother is not in Carol’s future, shee may receive a title once William is on the throne.

Kate’s parents, Carole and Michael Middleton, are the first grandparents in the history of the British monarchy not to have any titles. For well over a thousand years, all of the future Kings and Queens had grandparents with some kind of royal title.

With that in mind, there is a very good chance that William grants Carole and Michael a title when he takes the crown.

According to Express, royal expert Christopher Wilson believes that Carole and Michael will likely receive an earldom following William’s coronation. They could get a dukedom, of course, but Wilson argued that such a title would be “too much” and would require a significant amount of money to support.

Will Kate ever get the title of Queen Mother?

While Carole will never be called Queen Mother, there is a chance that Kate will get the title one day. In the event that Kate outlives William and her oldest son, Prince George, takes the throne, Kate will take on the title of Queen Mother.

This is exactly what happened to Queen Elizabeth’s mother upon the death of King George VI in the 1950s.

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That said, Kate and William still have a long time to wait before he is crowned the King of the United Kingdom and a lot can change until that happens.