Will Khloé Kardashian Ever Step Out of the Spotlight? Here’s Why Fans Don’t Think So

One of the compelling things about the Kardashian/Jenner clan is how different they are from each other. Some might assume that the members of this famous family are all alike, but fans know that each individual is unique.

One of the appeals of their wildly popular reality show is watching how the different personalities react to situations. 

Recently this led to a conversation on Reddit about the KarJenners and what they value more: money or fame. What exactly is keeping them going, and will Khloé ever decide that enough is enough? 

The family loves the spotlight

The Kardashians on the red carpet
The Kardashians on the red carpet | Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage

There has to be some pretty strong motivation for the family to open up their lives for the television cameras as much as they do. Redditors agreed pretty quickly that some of them are very ambitious and happy chasing both fame and money.

“Kim enjoys and pursues fame because she is not only interested in entrepreneurship, but being influential. I think Kim has multiple motivations for being in the spotlight,” said one fan. She went on to point out that Kris “…is obviously extremely ambitious. But I think she might be motivated by her own ego, not specifically wealth or personal fame. I think she likes to know she has built and continues to build an empire, and is perhaps a bit of a covert narcissist.”

But while the whole clan enjoys the benefits of fame and fortune, not everyone is as adept at living in the public eye. Khloé is an example of a Kardashian that may want fame but isn’t always good at connecting with her fans. One commenter said, “…I think she likes it but it doesn’t like her lol.” Ouch. 

What if ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ ends?

After 17 seasons, people are starting to wonder how long Keeping Up With The Kardashians can go on. Khloé has even dropped a hint that the end may be coming. What will that mean for her and the others? 

The general assumption is that Kim will be fine. She’s determined to hold onto her fame, which seems to mean power. 

“Kim wants the fame. From the beginning and still to do this day. I do not think she is ready to become “irrelevant.” Maybe one day (hence her preparing her lawyer career) but she’s really not there yet,” said one fan.

But they weren’t as kind to Khloé, saying, “I think Khloé still wants the fame, too. Unfortunately I think she puts a lot of influence on being a ‘Kardashian’ and she really doesn’t have any other unique identification.”

Kim is expanding her reach outside the world of beauty and television appearances. She’s been studying to become a lawyer, and she’s passionate about prison reform. 

But does Khloé have something that matters to her other than fame?

She has some other projects 

Like the rest of her famous family, Khloé has been able to capitalize on her fame by building her own businesses. She wrote a book about fitness, Strong Looks Better Naked, and she has a denim line that’s designed to flatter every body type.

She’s also turned her passion for fitness into another reality show, Revenge Body, although not everyone loves the message behind it. She recently debuted a real crime show, called Twisted Love.

Fans worry that Khloé doesn’t have anything that means as much to her as being a Kardashian. As one said, “I feel like she is pursuing validation, whether it’s through material or social means. I don’t really think she is money hungry, but maybe uses material things to fill a void in her life.”

Hopefully, Khloé will discover something that gives her life more purpose. She’s not always the most talented at being famous, but with luck, she will find something else to focus on.