Will Meghan Markle’s Father Learn Anything From Doria Ragland?

Doria Ragland, Meghan Markle’s mother, is in London to help care for the new royal baby, Archie Harrison. She’s made the long trip in order to support her daughter. However, one member of Meghan’s family is noticeably absent: her father Thomas Markle.

Even though Meghan is close with her mother, she has a strained relationship with her father. Could Thomas Markle learn something from Ragland about how to behave with the royal family?

Meghan’s relationship with her mother, Doria Ragland

Doria Ragland
Meghan Markle with her mother Doria Ragland | STEVE PARSONS/AFP/Getty Images

On the other hand, Meghan seems to have a very close relationship with her mother. Ragland attended the royal wedding, the only member of Meghan’s family to do so. And, she’s now in London to help Meghan and Harry adjust to their new life as parents. Meghan is reportedly, “So happy,” that her mother is there to help.

Even Prince Harry is happy to have his mother-in-law for a visit. He’s been looking forward to being a dad for years, but being that it’s his first baby, he’s still a little nervous and glad to have Ragland for help and support.

Ragland is on good terms with the royal family, even attending events traditionally only for royals. It’s reported that Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, and Camilla are all very impressed with Ragland, and are said to like her enormously. Queen Elizabeth is said to recognize the importance of making Meghan comfortable in her new home, and so welcomes Ragland as a way for Meghan to feel supported. 

Meghan’s history with her father

Meghan’s parents split when she was 2 years old, but Thomas remained in her life. A former Hollywood lighting director, Thomas paid for his daughter’s private school education and acting lessons.

He was invited to the royal wedding, and the world expected him to walk Meghan down the aisle, but unfortunately, that never happened. Instead, Prince Charles did the honor.

After a paparazzi photo debacle, which embarrassed the royal palace, Meghan advised her father not to speak with the media. This was a request he ignored by appearing on Good Morning Britain. When Thomas released Meghan’s private letters to the media, she began ignoring him.

For the last several months, Meghan’s father has been quiet. Most believe this is an effort on his part to get back on his daughter’s good side.

What can Thomas Markle learn from Doria Ragland?

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The way Ragland is embraced by the royal family is in sharp contrast to the way Thomas Markle is treated. But then, the way Meghan’s father behaves is very different from the way Ragland behaves.

With the new baby finally here, people are speculating whether Thomas will ever get the chance to meet his grandchild. Archie Harrison may finally provide a way for Thomas and Meghan to mend their relationship, but only if Thomas decides to take a page out of Ragland’s book, and starts behaving to royal standards. And only if Meghan is able to look past the hurt he’s caused, to give him another shot.

This may be too much to ask for, after all the damage that’s been done. However, the royals are a forgiving group. Their focus for decades has been to provide a strong moral example to the British people, and what’s more kind and charitable than to let bygones be bygones and give Thomas another chance?

The only way that’s possible, though, is for Thomas to start behaving more like Ragland. That means embracing his daughter’s in-laws, and putting a stop to media antics. This may be hard for him, but if he really loves his daughter, and wishes for a relationship with his grandchild, he’ll have to find a way.