Will ‘Messiah’ Return for Season 2 on Netflix?

Messiah debuted on Netflix in January, and since then, the show’s intriguing storyline continues to draw in viewers. The 10-episode first season follows CIA agent Eva Geller (Michelle Monaghan) as she investigates the emergence of a mysterious man who is being heralded as a messiah. The series left fans with more questions than answers, which is why many are wondering if Messiah will return for Season 2. 

Mehdi Dehbi -Messiah
Mehdi Dehbi in Messiah | Netflix

What is ‘Messiah’ about?

The thought-provoking series is centered around the rise of Al Masih (Mehdi Dehbi), a Middle Eastern man whose miraculous feats lead some to believe he is the second coming of Christ. However, in a world plagued by terrorism, CIA operative Eva Geller and Israeli agent Aviram Dahan (Tomer Sisley) are determined to prove that Al Masih is a sinister con artist who is purposely creating social disruption.

Along for the ride are some of Al Masih’s strongest supporters, including Jibril (Sayyid El Alami), an orphaned Syrian teen who follows the Messiah to Israel and ends up becoming the poster child for the Palestinian cause. There is also the Texas preacher Felix (John Ortiz) and his seemingly psychic daughter Rebecca (Stefania LaVie Owen), both of whom believe that Al Masih is a savior sent by God.  

Throughout the season, there are moments that lead you to believe that Al Masih is the real deal. He arises amidst a month-long sandstorm in Syria, shows up again in the middle of a deadly tornado in Texas, and then walks on the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool while the whole world is watching. 

But simultaneously, there are seeds of doubt that make you question his intentions. One such detail is the fact that Al Masih and his brother grew up under the care of a con artist uncle who taught them the art of illusion. It is also revealed that he authored a famous book on social disruption and that he spent some time in a mental institution.

Season 1 left the door open for a future storyline

Season 1 of Messiah left viewers with plenty of questions, and it definitely left the door open for another season. The final episode ended with Al Masih surviving a plane crash and possibly raising Avriam from the dead. This could be proof that he isn’t a fraud, and that he may finally turn Aviram into a believer. 

Jibril — who was severely injured in the Mosque bombing via his best friend Samer (Fares Landoulsi) — is still alive and lying on a stretcher alongside CIA agent Qamar (Assad Bouab). With the two of them left holding hands in this dire, life-and-death situation, one can assume there is more of their story to tell.

Will there be a Season 2 of ‘Messiah’?

Unfortunately, it looks like Messiah won’t be returning for a second season. It’s unclear why Netflix canceled the series. It may be due to lack of viewership, but it could also be because the show is filmed in locations all over the world. Managing a production like Messiah in a world dealing with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic would definitely be difficult. 

Actor Wil Traval, who plays federal agent Will Mathers on the series, posted the cancellation news in a recent Instagram post. “It’s a very sad day today,” Traval captioned a photo with fellow co-stars Michelle Monaghan and John Ortiz. “I have just received news from Netflix that there will be no season 2 of #messiah I wanted to say to all the fans thank you for your support and love. I wish things were different.”

In a post on his Instagram page, Ortiz also shared the news and revealed that the series was ready to go with scripts for a second season. Actor Tomer Sisley reached out to fans in his own Instagram post and noted that Season 2 was supposed to take place in Rome. 

“I am sorry for all the Messiah fans over the world,” Sisley wrote in his post. “Thank you for your love. I promise we will come back with something at least as exciting as this wonderful show once this worldwide virus is beaten.”