Will Smith Has The Coolest Futuristic Motorcycle Inspired by ‘I, Robot’

With iconic TV shows, music albums, and massive blockbuster hits, Will Smith is perhaps one of the greatest entertainers in the modern age. One of the reasons why he’s so great is that he can tackle almost any subject matter in any genre of any type of media. One great example of this is in his movie, I, Robot, which also happens to be the inspirations for one of his motorcycles.

Will Smith in I, Robot 

Partially based on the popular sci-fi stories of Isaac Asimov, I, Robot was a relatively simple detective movie disguised as a robot movie. I, Robot, is set in a future where human-like robots are as part of daily life as smartphones are a part of our lives. In I, Robot, there’s a murder, and a robot is the main suspect. 

Smith’s character, Detective Del Spooner, is tasked with solving the mystery, but as the movie unfolds, its layers of mysteries do as well. Regardless, one of the coolest aspects of I, Robot was the futuristic world that is portrayed. Not only were there smart self-driving cars, but there were also other vehicles that weren’t self-driving that were just as cool. 

Notably, Smith’s character rides on at least two different bikes during the movie. Fortunately for fans of Smith or I, Robot, one of those bikes is actually a real bike that anyone can buy right now. The other one, however, is a totally custom bike that will be harder to get. 

Custom built by Orange County Choppers

As Hot Cars said, the futuristic bike that anyone can buy right now is called the MV Agusta F4 750 SPR. This bike was released in 2004, the same year that I, Robot was released in. Hot Cars says that it’s still a great bike and it’s still as futuristic-looking as it was in the movie. 

The other bike though, the custom-built one, was built by Orange County Choppers of American Chopper fame. Like Hot Cars mentioned, American Chopper was a relatively new reality show at the time, and it wanted to do something relevant to the times. And so, it built a chopper that was inspired by the futuristic chopper that Smith rode in the movie.

This was a good idea by American Chopper since I, Robot was a big success at the box office. This showed how popular Will Smith was at the time as well as how good the movie was in the eyes of the public. This was especially true for car enthusiasts, as I, Robot had a lot of eye candy for car lovers

Will Smith smiling
Will Smith | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Partially designed by Will Smith, too

In the episode of American Chopper that features the bike, simply titled, “I, Robot Bike,” Smith shows up to the shop with his son, Jaden, to give some details about how it should look to the team at Orange County Choppers. On top of that, Smith shared some behind the scenes plans from the crew who worked on the movie with Orange County Choppers. 

After a grueling design and production process, Orange County Choppers finished the custom bike inspired by I, Robot and it was presented to Smith at a red carpet event for the premiere of the movie, according to Hot Cars. The bike itself had a lot of chrome pieces since that was the way that Orange County Choppers wanted to show the futuristic design of the bike.

Hot Cars also says that the bike was very heavy, which is to be expected of a chopper. Despite that, it was a functional bike that could be ridden on. With this successful build, American Chopper considered it one of the best choppers that the show has made for a celebrity.