Will ‘The Flash’ Return With a New Episode Tonight?

The CW’s The Flash Season 6 Episode 13 treated fans to a satisfying adventure with a fan-favorite adversary turned ally, Gorilla Grodd. The Feb. 25 episode, aptly titled ‘Grodd Friended Me,’ left viewers with several questions to ponder about what will happen next. Alas, The CW placed Season 6 on the back burner for a week leaving The Flash fanatics wondering where the story will head and when the series will return.

The Flash
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Why was ‘The Flash’ a repeat on March 3?

2020 is an election year, which brings with it lots of politically-themed programs before, during, and after the election. March 3 was Super Tuesday and CBS, The CW’s sister network, aired the Super Tuesday Election Special. The CW likely aired an encore episode of The Flash to give viewers an opportunity to check out the political news event.

What episode will air on March 10?

The Flash Season 6 Episode 14, ‘Death of the Speed Force,’ will air on March 10. The new episode will kick off a seven-week streak of new episodes through April 21, as reported by episodecalendar.com. Fans can expect to see more of the story unfold as the show inches closer to the season finale.

‘Death of the Speed Force’ will bring back Keiynan Lonsdale. He will reprise his role as Wally West, also known as the superhero speedster, Kid Flash. Wally hasn’t been seen in Central City since 2018, so he will have lots of catching up to do with his former teammates.

What will happen in ‘The Flash’ Season 6 Episode 14?

The encore that aired on March 3 was Season 6 Episode 11, ‘Love is a Battlefield.’ In the episode, the audience learns that Iris is trapped in the Mirror Dimension, and a carbon copy of her is traipsing around outside the mirror — and in her shoes.

Iris remains stuck in the other realm for the next couple of episodes, and Team Flash is left in the dark. Will Iris escape the Mirror Dimension? What is Eva McCulloch’s motive? Will Team Flash discover that Fake Iris has been masquerading as the beloved Mrs. West-Allen?

This season’s Episodes 12 and 13 also left plenty of loose ends. Will Joe and Barry crack the case of the suspicious fires? Has Ralph seen the last of Sue? When will Cisco come home? Will Gorilla Grodd return to provide backup during the next inevitable disaster?

The current state of affairs leaves plenty of messes for the heroes to clean up in the coming weeks, but it is unlikely that Team Flash will resolve many issues in the upcoming episode. Poor Barry has been so preoccupied that he hasn’t realized that he’s been shacking up with a stranger while his other half is trapped in another dimension. And based on the promo for Season 6 Episode 14, the Scarlet Speedster will have his hands full addressing trouble with the Speed Force. With any luck, Iris’ baby brother, Wally, will realize that something is amiss and reveal the imposter.

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