Will There Be a ‘Bad Boys 4’?

Bad Boys for Life just hit theaters on Jan. 17, but people are already wondering whether there will be another installment. The Bad Boys franchise is one of the most successful buddy-cop franchises in movie history and is certainly adored by fans. But is there honestly any more to explore here? Or has it run its course? Here’s what to know.

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence on the red carpet in 2020
Will Smith and Martin Lawrence on the red carpet in 2020 |Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

More on ‘Bad Boys for Life’

Bad Boys for Life is the third installment in the franchise that began in 1995. It comes nearly 17 years after the release of Bad Boys II (2003), which was a commercial success but a critical failure. The film was supposed to come much earlier but faced delays due to budget issues and Will Smith’s failure to agree to the script.

“I just didn’t want to wreck the franchise,” Smith told Elliott Wilson in a TIDAL CRWN interview earlier in January. “I felt like I had other sequels in my career [where I felt] like I didn’t land it. But with this one I just wanted to protect this franchise. I wanted to make sure that the story was right, that it had something to say, that it was funny, and that it deserved to be made again. Not just, ‘People like sequels, so let’s just do a sequel.’”

Smith elaborated on his hesitancy to do a part three on The Breakfast Club, saying he also didn’t want it to seem like he’d only agreed to the film for a paycheck.

Will Smith talks about the film around the 3:15 mark

What is ‘Bad Boys for Life’ about?

It sees Will Smith and Martin Lawrence return to their roles as Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett, respectively, to take down some criminals.

It starts with the two men considering and preparing for retirement. But once Lowrey learns that someone is out to kill him, he and Burnett decide to get back in the game and team up one last time.

So far, the film has received good reviews from critics, with many calling it a solid follow-up in a franchise many people thought had fizzled out.

Will there be a ‘Bad Boys 4’?

When asked this question in a recent interview with E! News, Smith said: “We’re going to wait for the audience. When the movie comes out this weekend– and we absolutely love working together– we would certainly be willing to do it again if the audience loves the chemistry.”

Of course, many fans wound up loving the movie upon its Jan. 17 release. Shortly after the film hit theaters, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that there will indeed be another installment. Bad Boys for Life writer Chris Bremner has reportedly been chosen to create the script.

Smith and Lawrence will also reprise their roles for the fourth movie — which, fortunately, won’t take as long as the third film did.

There’s no clear timeline regarding when fans should expect the fourth movie, but we’ll keep you posted with any details.