Will There Be a ‘Heathers’ Sequel Starring Meryl Streep and Winona Ryder?

Heathers is a cult classic starring Winona Ryder as Veronica Sawyer. And according to the star of the film, she desperately wants a sequel film to be made. The Stranger Things actor has been advocating for a second Heathers movie, preferably starring Meryl Streep as the new “Heather.”

From left to right, Shannen Doherty, Lisanne Falk, Kim Walker and Winona Ryder on set of the film 'Heathers', 1988
From left to right, Shannen Doherty, Lisanne Falk, Kim Walker and Winona Ryder on set of the film ‘Heathers’, 1988 | World Pictures/Getty Images

Winona Ryder was obsessed with the ‘Heathers’ script the moment she read it

According to Ryder, she was utterly “obsessed” with the Heathers script and would do anything to land a part in the film. In fact, she is such a fan of the movie that she has practically memorized the film and will watch it whenever it’s on TV.

But to further her obsession for Heathers, the Beetlejuice star almost got a tattoo referencing the film.

Winona Ryder is about to chew on a candy in a scene from the film 'Heathers', 1988
Winona Ryder is about to chew on a candy in a scene from the film ‘Heathers’, 1988 | New World Pictures/Getty Images

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According to Winona Ryder: The Biography, she wanted to get the lyrics “QUE SERA SERA” from the film’s theme song tattooed on her arm.

“I almost got it once, but they ID’d me in the tattoo parlor, and the guy wouldn’t do it because I was too young,” said Ryder.

In fact, she is such a fan-girl of the film that she desperately wants to make a sequel movie. Interestingly, the creator of the film, Dan Waters, has already come up with an idea for a second Heathers.

The film would star Ryder as an adult, working as an employee for a new “Heather” (played by Meryl Streep.)

And Ryder, who is so keen on the sequel, has pitched the idea to Streep.

Winona Ryder really wants Meryl Streep to star in a ‘Heathers’ sequel with her

“I was working with Meryl on The House of the Spirits,” Ryder tells Entertainment Weekly. “I was pitching her the whole thing in the makeup chair one day. She was very sweet about it, and she was like, ‘Oh, that sounds really great!’ But what else are you going to tell a panting 19-year-old? She could’ve been just waiting for me to shut up,” Ryder giggled.

But Ryder’s eagerness for a sequel film never seemed to fizzle out. While recently speaking to Entertainment Weekly, she said she is still heavily advocating for a second Heathers movie.

“I was onto [the idea of a sequel] all through my 20s, way through my 30s,” said Ryder. “When everyone wanted to work with me, when not a lot of people wanted to work with me… I’m 42 now, and Veronica is one of my favorite characters I’ve ever played. I never, ever felt finished with her.”

And according to a 2019 article posted by Entertainment Weekly, Ryder says that there is a sequel “in the works.”

“I swear to God,” she said. “But for some reason Dan [Waters, writer] and Michael [Lehmann, director] don’t want to talk about it…There is a story, and Christian [Slater] has agreed to come back as a kind of Obi-Wan character.”

Brad Pitt was rejected from playing JD

Believe it or not, Brad Pitt auditioned for the role that eventually went to Christian Slater.

While speaking to Yahoo Entertainment, Waters said,

“We did a reading of the script, and we asked one of our actress friends, who was going to read one of the roles, ‘We can’t find anyone for the role of JD, can you bring someone from your acting class? So this pimply … [still] good-looking [guy] with a laconic drawl, he does the JD role.”

And although Pitt’s audition wasn’t good enough to land him a role, he still considers the movie a masterpiece.

“He was all right,” Waters said about Pitt. “He came up to me afterward like, ‘Hey man, I know I’m not anybody, but for what it’s worth, that’s brilliant.'”