Will There Be A ‘Sharknado 7’?

When Sharknado premiered on Syfy, nobody expected it to get five sequels. Now that they’ve released The Last Sharknado, nobody believes it’s really over. After all, what movie franchise really ended with the final chapter? Not Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare. Not Saw 3D: The Final Chapter. Not Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter nor Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday.

Ian Ziering in Sharknado | Syfy

Right now Sharknado 7 has not been announced, but director Anthony C. Ferrante spoke to Showbiz Cheat Sheet about his new film with Ian Ziering, Zombie Tidal Wave. He told us what’s really going on with Sharknado. You can watch Zombie Tidal Wave Saturday at 9 p.m. on Syfy.

Yes, they really meant it was ‘The Last Sharknado’

And if you saw The Last Sharknado, let alone all six films, you understand how the series came full circle.

“No, we finished Sharknado,” Ferrante insisted. “The funny part about that everybody kept going, ‘Oh yeah, no, no, they’ll do another one, they’ll do another one.’ Even some of the actors were saying that to me. I’m like, ‘No, this is the last one. It really, truly is. Look at the script. Look at how it ends.’ Whatever version of Sharknado is in those six movies is ended, is completely done and over with. We wrapped it up in a bow. We told a complete story.”

But here’s how ‘Sharknado’ could live again

Even if Ferrante, Ziering, Tara Reid and the rest of the cast hold firm that they’re not doing any more Sharknado, there are other parties who could revive it. Not only Syfy, but the production company.

‘Sharknado’ | Syfy Films

“Now, granted Asylum owns the franchise,” Ferrante said. “They can do whatever they want with it. When you own an IP, you’re not going to sit on it forever, but if there ever were to be another Sharknado movie, I think it would be completely and radically different because it would have to be.”

‘Sharknado’ didn’t leave much room for anything else

Over the course of six movies, Sharknado did disaster movies, sci-fi movies, superhero movies, time travel movies and more genres. They gave Tara Reid a metal hand and then completely turned her into a cyborg. Whoever does another Sharknado has their work cut out for them. 

“We kind of exhausted everything with that version of it,” Ferrante said. “We did every genre. We utilized every single idea that we ever wanted to do with those characters we got out of our system with the last movie. I think we have a clean slate so whatever version of it is, it just has to be different and be a different genre. It has to be something so that you’re not just rehashing things.”

Even rejected ‘Sharknado’ ideas eventually ended up in ‘Sharknado’ sequels

Believe it or not, there were some ideas that were too crazy for Sharknado. At least that was before they needed more ideas for Sharknado 5 and 6.

“Every time something was rejected one year, we did it the next year,” Ferrante said. “Like the Sharknado Sisterhood was something I pitched on number four and it was flat out rejected because it was a little too radical. It didn’t make sense for what we were trying to do with it but in the fifth movie, it made a lot of sense for Nova’s character so we were able to do it there.”

Cyborg April (Reid) was another idea where Ferrante finally got his way.

Tara Reid is talking to a man while holding a saw in Sharknado.
Sharknado Syfy

“I remember I wanted to do cyborg out Tara or April when they’re in Tokyo and Sharkzilla,” Ferrante said. “I wanted an army of Tara clones to stop Sharkzilla. It was like no, we can’t do that so that was rejected. Then when we did the sixth movie, I got to do the army of Tara clones which I always wanted to do. So no, we got to do a lot of stuff.”