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Willow Smith opened up about her dating life on Red Table Talk, as her mom and dad’s personal relationship counselor joined the discussion about coping with heartbreak in relationships. Find out why Willow said she experienced heartbreak but was able to work through it.

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‘Red Table Talk’ ladies discuss ‘How to Heal a Broken Heart’

On the Dec. 15 episode of Red Table Talk, called “How to Heal a Broken Heart,” Willow and her mom, Jada Pinkett Smith, and grandmother, Adrienne Banfield-Norris, revealed the heartbreak they’ve been through in their their lives.

Jada and Will Smith’s relationship counselor Michaela Boehm was on hand to discuss ways to heal from heartbreak.

Jada shared some of what she’s been through. “You know, I have had plenty of heartbreak in my life, devastating heartbreak,” she explained. “But what I am still trying to learn is allowing for that tenderness, versus [going into fight mode].”

She continued, “I think that has a lot to do with the fear of being hurt. You don’t want to feel rejected, you don’t want to feel unloved. Being programmed, and believing, ‘Girl, don’t let those tears come because you will fall apart and you might not be able to put yourself back together again.’”

“But it takes a lot of just trusting yourself and a lot of times we don’t have enough self-worth,” the actor added.

Willow Smith discussed her personal heartbreak

When Jada asked her daughter, “What was your most recent heartbreak?,” Willow shared a glimpse into her dating life.

“I have had some personal decisions I needed to make this year that were really hard,” Willow shared. “I had to just learn how to set some boundaries in my romantic relationship/ships, and I’m so grateful that my partner was just open to what I had to say.”

“And when you truly love someone, no matter what, you’re gonna want what’s best for them,” she continued. “I felt like I was almost making the situation bigger than it needed to be because once I stepped up to the plate and made the decision I needed to make, it was almost as if all of the stress and heartbreak I was feeling beforehand was [gone].”

“And you guys really did a good job working it out together,” Jada told her daughter.


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Willow’s grandmother shared some of the devastation she’s encountered

Willow’s grandmother, affectionately called Gammy, shared a look at some of the devastation that she has had to work through.

“I think this year it has really been the passing of my mother-in-law,” Adrienne revealed. “To covid. It was very painful … And then not being able to gather to celebrate her life the way we ordinarily would.”

Gammy gave some perspective into her experience with divorce as well. “I have had a lot of romantic heartbreak [in my life],” she said. “This one particular failure in one of my marriages that I really built up in my head that this was my one true love and I’ll never love like this again.”

She continued, “It wasn’t a divorce that I wanted, but at the end of the day when you really, really look at the relationship honestly it’s like, ‘This one’s going nowhere but to divorce.’ I really feel like you have to kind of take some time and be honest with yourself.”