‘Winter House’: Kyle Cooke Jokes He Was ‘Apparently a Diva’ About the Bedroom Debacle

Winter House, the newest Bravo reality TV series, combines cast members from two other shows, Summer House and Southern Charm. The cast includes Austen Kroll and Craig Conover from Southern Charm and a handful of the cast from Summer House. Kyle Cooke is one of the original members of the cast from Summer House, and viewers are probably well aware of how picky the Loverboy founder is about his sleeping quarters. Things didn’t go his way in the premiere episode of Winter House

Kyle Cooke stands on a deck in a tan sweater in a promotional image for 'Winter House'
Kyle Cooke | Photo by: Zack DeZon/Bravo

Who is Kyle Cooke on Bravo’s ‘Winter House?’

Kyle has seen several cast members come and go on Summer House, but he’s been there from the start. His close relationship with fellow Summer House roomie Carl Radke has been highlighted on the show for several seasons. At one point, Kyle even gave Carl a job working for his alcoholic seltzer company, Loverboy. 

Fans have also watched Kyle’s relationship with Amanda Batula grow over the years. Amanda was seen in Summer House Season 1, but she didn’t become an official cast member until season 2. The couple’s relationship has had several ups and downs, but Kyle proposed to Amanda in season 4, and the two recently wed in her parents’ backyard. 

Over the years, the topic of who gets the biggest bedroom has always been a hot one, with Kyle getting which bedroom he wants a majority of the time. However, things are a little different in Winter House. Kyle and Amanda arrived at the house later than their fellow castmates, and the largest bedroom was already taken. 

Kyle Cooke joked on Twitter that he was ‘apparently a diva’ about the bedroom drama

Kyle spent a large portion of the episode complaining about the bedroom he and Amanda got stuck with. Let’s just say the rest of the cast wasn’t feeling all that sorry for him, considering he usually gets the room he chooses. However, the Loverboy exec took to Twitter to set the record straight … sort of. 

He tweeted, “Just to be clear: I organized the house and we got stuck with the basement playroom and a temporary wall. Sometimes I’m a diva apparently. #winterhouse”

While he may have been annoyed at the situation initially, it looks like he and the rest of his housemates had plenty of fun during their stay at the luxury house in Stowe, Vermont. For two weeks, the cast took up residence in the 6,600 square foot house to play in the snow, snuggle by the fire, and make out in the hot tub.


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When does ‘Winter House’ air on the Bravo network?

For fans who have always wanted a mashup of Summer House and Southern Charm, their Wednesday nights are now booked for at least the next five weeks. Winter House airs on Bravo on Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. ET. However, you’re still in luck if you don’t have traditional cable TV. For those who subscribe to Hulu Live, the show streams on Wednesday nights as well. For subscribers of just the basic Hulu package can watch new episodes the next day.