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Individuals with a good camera and a little bit of editing know-how can make a lot of money on YouTube. That much is known. The highest-paid content creators can pull in millions per year. Even creators who aren’t on the top ten list of earners can still make a comfortable living from crafting online content. Fans of Counting On think Jessa Duggar is looking to move in that direction, and her recent uploads are all the evidence that some followers need. So, is Jessa planning a YouTube career, and if she is, why did she decide to start the journey now?

How much is Jessa earning on YouTube?

Jessa has had a YouTube channel for several years but is only now using it to upload videos regularly. In the last several weeks, she’s added five videos, most of which focus on her family life. She’s shared how she cuts her kids’ hair, how she introduces new foods to picky eaters, and how she organizes her family’s small home. The videos don’t appear to be monetized, but Monsters & Critics, believe the family has created YouTube channels with monetization in mind. Jana Duggar, the family’s eldest daughter, has also jumped onto the platform in recent weeks.

If Jessa were to monetize her current channel, she could expect to earn anywhere from $5,000 to $60,000 per year based on her current numbers, according to Social Blade. Jessa’s actual earnings would be primarily influenced by the type of ads that are shown on her videos. She could also make additional income with sponsored videos, much like her siblings do on Instagram. Right now, however, with a lack of monetization, Jessa is unlikely to be earning anything for her efforts. That could all change quickly, though. Her channel is growing substantially. According to Social Blade, the mother of three has added 37,000 subscribers in just 30 days.

Could Jessa make more on YouTube than she makes from Counting On?

Jessa might only have 49,000 subscribers right now, but considering that she’s only been posting videos for the last few weeks, the number really isn’t bad. Add in the fact that any money she makes via YouTube would go directly to her and her family and it’s probable that she could actually make more working on the video platform than she currently makes on Counting On. The reason for that, however, is kind of sad.

Derick Dillard took to Twitter and Instagram recently to spill family dirt. One of his biggest revelations was that Jim Bob Duggar hoards the earnings from the show. In short, none of the adult Duggar children are being paid individually for their involvement, and everything goes directly to Jim Bob. Jim Bob hasn’t commented on the allegation, and no one is entirely sure how the money is dulled out to the adult children who appear on the program.

If Jim Bob is really in control, Jessa could be getting almost nothing for the time she spends working on the set. By focusing on YouTube, Jessa would be able to not only manage her own earnings, but she’d actually be seeing every dollar that she’s worked for, something that is reportedly not true for show earnings.

Is Jessa purposefully carving out her own niche?

The Duggar family is currently under serious scrutiny. With a reality TV show that has grown stale, no new babies on the horizon, and only courtship rumors to go on, it’s possible the family will be off the air sooner rather than later. Factor in Derick’s recent Instagram tirade and the news that the family is being investigated by the Department of Homeland Security, and it appears the Duggar family is in for a massive fall from grace.

The Duggar family visits "Extra" at their New York studios at H&M in Times Square on March 11, 2014 in New York City.
The Duggar family | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

Some fans think Jessa is a far shrewder businesswoman than she is often given credit for. The resurrection of her YouTube channel may be an attempt to build her own revenue stream ahead of Counting On’s eventual demise. If that’s the case, no one can really blame her. Jessa’s husband, Ben Seewald, appears to be on JimBob’s payroll, working as a tutor for the younger kids. With three young children of her own to take care of, it would make perfect sense for Jessa to become the breadwinner. That does, however, go against everything the family believes in, though.