How Many Wives Has Mel Gibson Had?

The love lives of actors, like Mel Gibson, have long been a subject of discussion, speculation, and gossip. That tendency is helped along when stars have particularly messy relationships that include public arguments, cheating scandals, divorces, and taking back an ex

Mel Gibson’s love life has often taken a back burner to his public meltdowns that have grabbed more headlines than his film performances in recent years. However, Gibson’s relationship history is quite interesting. The famous actor has nine children with three different women. But, how many times has Mel Gibson been married? 

Mel Gibson went through a very public divorce

Mel Gibson stands in front of a rippled tin wall wearing a black polo.
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Mel Gibson’s career was just picking up steam when he met a woman named Robyn Denise Moore. She was a dental nurse, and he was an up-and-coming actor. They tied the knot in 1980. The pair welcomed quite a large family over the years.

The children included their daughter Hannah, who was born in 1980, twins Edward and Christian, born in 1982, son William joined the family in 1985, son Louis was born in 1988, son Milo joined the scene in 1990, and their youngest son, Thomas, was born in 1999. 

By Hollywood standards, the pair had a very private marriage that lasted an incredibly long time. However, the marriage started to falter around the time that Gibson was arrested for drunk driving and had some public meltdowns. In 2006, they announced they were separating.

A few years later, divorce was officially underway, but it took until 2011 to hammer out the details. Part of the reason for the lengthy proceedings was because the pair had never signed a prenuptial agreement and had been together for virtually all of Gibson’s successful career. Gibson’s ex-wife was awarded $425 million during the divorce, which was approximately half of his net worth.

Mel Gibson never remarried after his messy divorce

In the time since his tumultuous divorce, Gibson has had some serious relationships and even added to his large family. However, he has never remarried. His marriage to Robyn Denise Moore remains his only trip down the aisle. 

As The Things report, there has been plenty of buzz about his relationships with several women over the years. Some of these affairs took place while Gibson was still married to Moore. That appears to be the case for Diana Alouise, “a stand-up comic, [who] admitted to having a four-month affair with the actor back in 2004.” He also had “a secret relationship with actor Suzanne Somers’ step-daughter, Leslie Hamel” while married. 

2 new children and serious relationships followed divorce


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While he chose not to wed again, Gibson has been in some serious relationships following his time with Moore. The pair had seven children together during their long marriage, and Gibson added to the family in a new relationship shortly after he separated from his wife. 

From 2009 to 2010, he was dating Oksana Grigorieva, and, as Closer Weekly reports, the pair welcomed a daughter before calling it quits. 

In 2014, Gibson caused a stir when he was romantically linked to Rosalind Ross, a woman 35 years younger, which made her younger than his own daughter. While some speculated that it would be a short-lived affair, the relationship has remained steady.

In 2017, Gibson and Ross welcomed a son named Lars. Gibson is on record as calling the screenwriting beauty a “very special person,” but if he’s planning another wedding, he has certainly kept the information under wraps from the prying eyes of the media.