‘Woori the Virgin’ Episode 14: Fans in Uproar Over the Unwanted Outcome of the Finale

A few K-dramas ended in a way that fans did not expect. Woori the Virgin is a K-drama remake of the popular series Jane the Virgin with Gina Rodriguez. In comparison, the drama follows a similar plot of Woo-ri (Im Soo-hyang) accidentally becoming pregnant while a virgin and the finale had fans upset. Woori the Virgin Episode 14 has the second lead get the girl, and the leading man walks away from what he truly desired.

[WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Woori the Virgin Episode 14]

Woo-ri asks her ex-boyfriend for his hand in marriage in ‘Woori the Virgin’ Episode 14

Fans have watched a whirlwind love story for Woo-ri. She is a virgin, dating police detective Lee Gang-jae (Shin Dong-wook). But after falling pregnant by artificial insemination with Rapahel’s (Sung Hoon) child, her life gets turned upside down. Over time, they develop feelings for each other, and Woo-ri breaks it off with Gang-jae.

In the original series, Jane does leave her longtime boyfriend after realizing her feelings for Raphael. The K-drama followed the same idea as Woo-ri saw Raphael for his kind nature and inherent desire to have a family.

Fans soon rallied behind Woo-ri and Raphael being the endgame couple. In Woori the Virgin Episode 14, Raphael and Gang-jae are now friends and accept the weird living dynamic. But Woo-ri is no longer with Raphael. Fans see as Woo-ri speaks with her mother and grandma about deciding between the two.

Ultimately, Woo-ri shocks fans by picking Gang-jae and asking for his hand in marriage. In a time jump, Woo-ri has the baby, and Raphael is now a father. Gang-jae and Woo-ri become husband and wife as Raphael is stuck in a bizarre situation.

Fans are not pleased with Raphael not getting the girl in ‘Woori the Virgin’ Episode 14

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In K-dramas, “second-lead syndrome” is very real. It is a trope where the second male lead is in love with the female lead and, in many instances, the “right” guy for the girl. But the storyline always ends with the second lead having to accept she will never love him. But Woori the Virgin Episode 14 broke the trope, and fans are not too happy for Raphael.

“He deserved better. All he wanted was a family. WR’s family calling him son was weird bc they were never that close. He has a child, but she’s not with him most of the time. His dad is in the mountains, and his baby mama married someone else,” said one fan on Twitter.

“Can’t f*cking believe they did my man Raphael like that,, like bro come on he was so excited to have a family, kang jae literally did did not want the child AT ALL??” said a fan on Twitter.

Another fan on Twitter felt Raphael was genuine in his love from the start, “They did so dirty to #Raphael #Woori even used his emotions. That #KangJae wasn’t even sure about the baby just because of jealousy he thought of second chance but #Raphael emotions were so pure from the first. Would have just rewatched My Secret Romance.

The K-drama remake did not do ‘Jane the Virgin’ justice, and fans do not want a second season

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Jane the Virgin’s storyline was long and spanned over five seasons. It allowed the characters to develop and figure out their true feelings and emotions. The series even continued well into the baby becoming a toddler. But fans felt Woori the Virgin Episode 14, and the K-drama as a whole did not do the series justice.

“They didn’t give justice to the original Jane the Virgin. Ughhh don’t do another remake pls this remake just ruined the whole essence of the story,” said one fan on Twitter. Some fans see the reasoning behind Woo-ri choosing Gang-jae, but feel robbed of a full-fledged relationship.

“It makes sense that she marries him. They were dating for 2 years, and KJ has always been understanding. I just feel cheated bc there wasn’t much progress in their relationship after they broke up. This feels like a last minute twist,” said the fan on Twitter.

While K-dramas are now developing second seasons, fans do not wish for one for Woori the Virgin. “Do NOT give us a season 2. We don’t care no more. Y’all had a chance to wrap up a great story that took a million seasons in America in one and you chose not to!” said a fan on Twitter. Some fans have even decided to skip the finale entirely after learning the outcome.

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