‘Workin’ Moms’ Star Catherine Reitman Gets Mercilessly Mocked For Her Lips, Fans Assume Botched Plastic Surgery

Most kids learn in kindergarten that it’s not nice to tease someone about their appearance. But when it comes to celebrities in the public eye, especially those accused of having plastic surgery, it seems like all bets are off. That’s what makes fans feel totally comfortable mocking Catherine Reitman from Netflix’s Workin’ Moms.

The creator, producer, writer, and star of the popular comedy series has endured a lot of teasing about the way her mouth looks. Even before she became famous on TV, the 38-year-old actor faced taunting and teasing in school. Now, fans are convinced Reitman’s unique mouth is the result of plastic surgery gone wrong. But that might not be the truth.

Catherine Reitman smiling
Catherine Reitman | Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

Catherine Reitman has been teased since childhood

Though Reitman never directly addressed rumors of plastic surgery, she has admitted to being teased for her appearance, specifically her mouth, since childhood.

Daily Mail reported that she said she was a “really awkward-looking kid” and that her peers would call her “horse mouth” and other rude names.

And there’s more proof that Reitman’s mouth shape is genetic and not just a plastic surgery fail. Reitman’s father Ivan Reitman, a Czechoslovak-Canadian film and television director, has an almost identical pucker. He’s best known for directing the original Ghostbusters, Twins, and Kindergarten Cop.

Fans can’t get over the look of Catherine Reitman’s lips

The show Workin’ Moms is getting a lot of buzz on Netflix. But plenty of fans are very distracted by the star’s appearance and insist it distracts from the show’s message.

Working Moms is a decent show to watch… but I cannot deal with Kate’s lips overlapping her teeth. I can’t even watch her talk,” one Twitter user wrote.

“I just finished watching Working Moms and I still can’t get Kate’s lip out of my head. Like why does it look like that? Lip on the sides but no lip in the middle,” another echoed.

Yet another Twitter fan agreed: “I started Working Moms but the lead character’s lips are driving me insane. Idk if I can watch her for long lol.”

But not everyone is so mean on the internet. One person on Reddit came to Reitman’s defense. “Personally I’ve always thought they’re a kind of cute quirk to her face,” one commenter insisted.

Reitman has never directly addressed the haters

Plastic surgery or not, there’s little Reitman can do about the way she looks. And to her credit, she’s never dignified the rumors about her lips with any sort of defense or response beyond mentioning the teasing during childhood, which would indicate that her mouth’s shape is genetic and not the result of surgical alteration.

The actor did sort of reply to a fan about her mouth, though. One fan tweeted about Reitman’s look, “honestly, weird mouth but I’ll take it.” The Workin’ Moms star replied with a succinct, “I mean, I’ll take it.”

Lips or no lips, with more people having more time at home, plenty of fans keep on bingeing Workin’ Moms

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