‘Worst Cooks in America’ Fans Want Alex to Keep Coming Back to the Show

The Food Network contains plenty of programs featuring top chefs from around the globe, showcasing their cooking skills. The Worst Cooks in America cooking show strays from the traditional format and brings together people that are lacking in their kitchen abilities.

Now in the 20th season, contestants (known as recruits) on the popular reality television series compete for a $25,000 cash prize. The culinary boot camp challenges the sub-par chefs to up their game and transition their lousy meals into tasty treats.

Viewers of the show love the concept and rally around their favorite wannabe chefs to make it to the final round. This season, fans fell in love with the new host, Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli, and they are hoping to see more of her in future episodes.

The concept behind ‘Worst Cooks in America’

Chef Alex Guarnaschelli
Chef Alex Guarnaschelli | Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for NYCWFF

Each week recruits learn basic cooking techniques to improve their culinary skills and attempt to become more comfortable in the kitchen. Guarnaschelli from Supermarket Stakeout mentors a team, while long-time host and top chef Anne Burrell takes charge of the other team.

Those who prepare the worst meals are eliminated and sent home as the competition continues. Recruits left standing are presented with weekly challenges until the final round when the last two recruits must prepare a three-course, restaurant-quality meal.

Ari Robinson, who was trained by Alex, took home the grand prize for Season 20. Once a self-declared atrocious cook, she prepared a lobster and sunchoke mash with seared duck breast to impress the judges. Filled with pride, the recruit who warmed the hearts of viewers per Greenville Online, says, “I’m no longer the worst cook in America.”

Who is Chef Alex Guarnaschelli?


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The recently engaged executive chef works at the acclaimed restaurant Butter in New York City. Often a judge on Chopped, the 48-year-old trained in France, spending seven years learning from the best.

According to Food Network, the witty cook found her place in New York, “creating a menu based on my own choices and point of view.” She became an instructor at the Institute of Culinary Education and opened her own unique supper club, The Darby. All of this while honing her skills at Butter.

Guarnaschelli first appeared on the Food Network as an Iron Chef America judge. She became a regular on Chopped and hosted a show entitled Alex’s Day Off. Over the years, she has been both a contestant, challenger, and judge on the popular television food channel. The Iron Chef says that she loves “food with simple (but bold) flavors.”

What fans think of the new ‘Worst Cooks’ judge

Viewers of the cooking competition loved the addition of Guarnaschelli to the show saying this season was better than most. A Reddit forum user suggested, “The dynamic between Anne and Alex was also very funny! Alex needs to stick around!”

Fans overwhelmingly agreed, saying, “This season was great. I was laughing out loud multiple times per episode.” The addition of the light-hearted judge combined with less “outlandish” recruits had fans hooked. Viewers loved the chef’s approach, saying, “Alex seemed to genuinely want to teach these guys and her dynamic with Anne was hilarious. I really hope she sticks around as well!”

Another viewer commented, “I really appreciated Alex’s presence on the show this season. Her skill paired with her teaching ability (and very untapped comedic potential!!) was so great to see. It was also nice because she seemed to genuinely get along with Anne, so the banter was very fun.”

Fans of the show agree that this was one of the best seasons of Worst Cooks, and they are hoping Guarnaschelli continues to be a part of the program.