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Leave it to Food Network to have so many long-running TV series and know just when it needs a ‘breath of fresh air.’ Whether they knew it or not, Michael Symon is apparently just what they needed to freshen up their hit food show Worst Cooks in America.

Symon’s charm and humor has brought a lot of joy to the show’s latest season and fans can’t stop raving about the difference. It seems Symon will absolutely have to be added into future seasons of Food Network wants to keep this buzz going. 

‘Worst Cooks in America’ has been running since 2010

After more than a decade of running, Worst Cooks in America has taken more than 22 sets of 12 to 16 contestants to a whole new level. We’ve seen the worst of the worst compete to get better at the craft for their team (under the guidance of their star chef) and win the final prize — $25,000 and a Food Network cooking set. 

We’ve also seen a celebrity edition where the winner got $50,000 to donate to charity, and of course, that was a sight to see! The hosts switch through Anne Burrell who has led the red team in every season so far and blue team chef hosts included: Bobby Flay, Tyler Florence, Rachael Ray, Perez Hilton, and most recently — Michael Symon

Fans are particularly fond of season 22 because of Michael Symon

MICHAEL SYMON, GAIL SIMMONS | Lorenzo Bevilaqua/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Michael Symon made his first appearance on Worst Cooks in America for 2021’s season 22 debut. The difference in the show was almost instantly recognized by the Food Network audience. 

Even his reaction to shocking moments on the show (from previous seasons) was more humorous than the host’s comments about the awful meals at the time — just see for yourself in Food Network’s reaction video below.

Fans on Reddit were more than happy to point on the positive difference. The post read, “Worst Cooks in America is hilarious this season!” and everyone was unanimous in agreement.

One fan pointed out that “he seems to have a lot of fun no matter what show he’s on,” while another said, “I agree! He seems like he would be a lot of fun to just hang out and grab a beer with!”

Then there were fans who praised his appearance on the show, saying, “I feel like Michael Symon is bringing a much needed breath of fresh air to the show… Michael Symon has had me laugh at each episode with his one liners.”

Another wrote, “I adore Michael Symon. He seems really well-suited to the show and is definitely someone I’d want to learn from. I think Anne would intimidate/scare me.”

Prior seasons were starting to become ‘repetitive’ and he ‘chilled Ann out a little too’


‘Worst Cooks in America’ Fans Are Thrilled to See Michael Symon Having the Time of His Life

It seems viewers were more than ready for a new, and arguably more friendly, face on the Food Network show. After more than a decade of success and 22 seasons so far — it was only a matter of time before viewers needed more to keep the interest in the show.

This is particularly true since many of them found the episodes to be repetitive by now and the hosts weren’t as lively and fun to watch.

In fact, even in Food Network’s Most Shocking Moments on Worst Cooks in America, you can see the seriousness of prior episodes. Hosts in this specific scenario were Tyler Florence and Anne Burrell, and although the moments were humorous because of the cooks and their lack of talent, there wasn’t much sustenance from the hosts.

As kteacher2013 pointed out, there should be more “variations of [the chefs] working with each other,” with more appearances from Symon.

After all, other fans agreed and added, “The show had started to become sort of repetitive, and honestly I may have still been recovering from Alton’s season. Michael Symon has had me laugh at each episode with his one-liners. The chopped comment was hilarious. I think he chilled Ann out a little too.”