Wu-Tang Clan Member RZA Schooled Joe Rogan Guest on Veganism

Joe Rogan has always had something of an on-again-off-again relationship with veganism and the vegan diet. A big proponent of keto, Rogan still consumes meat pretty regularly. However, he has expressed interest in vegan products and foods, given the nutritional benefits of increasing vegetable intake. 

Recently, RZA of Wu-Tang Clan appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience. Not everyone knows that RZA is actually a committed vegan — and in fact, he’s not the only Wu-Tang Clan member who is. During the interview, RZA wound up schooling Donnell Rawlings on what it means to be a vegan. 

How long has RZA been vegan?

Both Donnell Rawlings and Joe Rogan expressed interest in how long RZA has been practicing veganism. It turns out RZA has been committed to his lifestyle for quite a long time. 

“When did you stop eating meat, how many years has it been?” asked Joe Rogan. 

RZA said, “I haven’t had a piece of red meat since 1995. I haven’t had a piece of poultry since 1996, after we finished the ‘Liquid Sword’ album I guess. I haven’t had fish, I stopped eating fish, in 1997.”

“I feel as if the average motherf*cker can feel good if they hold on to fish,” laughed Rawlings. 

As Rogan and Rawlings prepared drinks for themselves, Rogan asked RZA if he’d like a drink. He asked RZA if he drinks alcohol, unsure if he’s a drinker or not.

Rawlings, thinking himself pretty funny, cut in with, “Oh sh*t, this brother’s got some vegan Kool-Aid.” RZA clarified that he does drink, he just does so in moderation. 

RZA also revealed that he doesn’t really go out of his way to monitor his nutritional intake. He told Rogan, “I don’t really monitor, yo. I don’t really eat a lot, personally. You know on a good day, I’m eating once a day.”

RZA on being a vegan, shuts down Donnell Rawlings 

For much of the interview with RZA, Donnell Rawlings was busy interrupting RZA, and taking pot shots at his veganism. RZA, who seems like an incredibly patient person in the face of so many annoying jokes, calmly takes the time to school Rawlins on how veganism hasn’t negatively impacted his life. 

“To be honest with you bro, I’ll just hit you with this right here. The reality of how I feel is that no animal needs to die for me to live, okay? My son turned 14 this year, never had a piece of meat in his life. He can go do eight pull-ups right now. My oldest son hasn’t had meat in his life — he can bench over 200 pounds, ok? Six foot two, eight pack, he can play guitar, piano, great memory.”

Rawlings asks, “He’s never had a hot dog or nothing? He ain’t never had a hot dog?” RZA then confirms, as Rawlings begins shouting louder and louder about hot dogs, that his son has never had one.

“The point being made to you is that I could look at my household as a living example that you don’t need that to live,” explained RZA.

RZA isn’t the only vegan Wu-Tang Clan member

As it turns out, RZA is not the only vegan in the Wu-Tang Clan. In fact, eight of the ten clan members have gone vegan. 

Jason Hunter, also known as Inspectah Deck, went vegan after feeling inspired by RZA. He said, “It’s just about healthier living. Once you get older, your body functions differently. The best thing to do is to be preventive about a lot of things. You can eat right, that’s a big plus once you hit 40.”

Meanwhile Ghostface Killah and GZA have been collaborating with White Castle to try and promote The Impossible Slider, a vegan burger offering.