‘WWE Backlash 2021’: Dave Batista Wants These Wrestlers For a Zombie Apocalypse

The WWE Backlash 2021 lumberjack match left some fans scratching their heads. Instead of the showdown many fans expected to receive, they instead saw the ring swarmed by zombies. Some thought this twist was fun and exciting, while others felt as if it didn’t match what they expected. Regardless, it all seemed geared towards advertising Batista’s role in Army of the Dead. Batista has since dished on which wrestlers he’d choose to take with him during a zombie apocalypse.  

Dave Batista wants these wrestlers during a zombie apocalypse

Dave Batista knows who he'd want for a zombie apocalypse
Dave Batista knows who he’d want for a zombie apocalypse | Rich Polk/Getty Images for IMDb

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Dave Batista has been making waves in Hollywood with his various film roles — the wrestler and actor has shown that he has range and skills. Landing a role in Army of the Dead only cemented that. 

During a chat with Coming Soon, Batista dished on which fellow WWE stars he’d bring with him if he could. With an option of five possible teammates, Batista started off with Titus O’Nell. 

“All right. So five right off the top of my head, I’m bringing Titus. He’s my number one guy. He’s my right-hand man,” explained Batista. 

“I’m bringing MVP. He’s my dude. He’s my soldier like that dude is, you know, he’s definitely coming with me ’cause he’s got everything that you need. I’m bringing Rey Mysterio because I believe Rey can do things that a lot of human beings are unable to do.”

“I’m bringing Undertaker. ‘Cause Undertaker’s just a bad*ss. I know we can depend on that dude. I’m also going to bring Big Show because if we need to sacrifice someone for zombies because obviously, you know, Big Show’s the guy. They will spend like days eating that guy,” Batista joked.

Dave Bautista teased zombies for the WWE Backlash lumberjack match
Dave Bautista and Jimmy Kimmel | Randy Holmes/ABC via Getty Images

[Warning: Lumberjack match spoilers ahead.] WWE Backlash 2021 gave Dave Batista’s role in Army of the Dead plenty of shoutouts during the lumberjack match — including a sudden insurgence from a crew of zombies. The lumberjack match featured Damian Priest and The Miz — Priest won out. 

However, the lumberjacks weren’t exactly what everyone expected. Instead of the usual ring of wrestlers keeping the fight going, zombies thronged the event. This was a tie-in to Batista’s role in Army of the Dead

Prior to the lumberjack match, Batista even tweeted about some of his “friends” attending the match. 

“Wishing good luck to all the WWE Superstars competing tonight at WM Backlash. Sorry I couldn’t make it…but some of my friends will. #ArmyOfTheDead,” wrote the star. 

‘WWE Backlash 2021’: Dave Batista responds to criticism over zombies

WWE Backlash 2021 faced some criticism from fans and professionals alike over the choice to have zombies invade the lumberjack match. One Twitter user even chose to single out Dave Batista for the event. 

“Hey Dave I love you, but this zombie sh*t on the WWE Backlash show was insulting!” tweeted the user. 

“Wtf you telling me?!! You think I booked a bunch of f*cking zombies. I’m on a damn plane! Shouldn’t you be tweeting Vince?!” Batista replied