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How Did WWE Star Alexa Bliss Meet Fiancé’ Ryan Cabrera?

WWE star Alexa Bliss and her fiancé singer Ryan Cabrera have become wrestling and Hollywood's hottest new couple. The couple became engaged in November 2020 and are in the midst of planning a wedding. But their relationship may not have gotten started without the help of a mutual friend.

Wedding bells are ringing for WWE star Alexa Bliss. The wrestler is planning her upcoming nuptials to singer Ryan Cabrera. With the two of them being celebrities, their relationship has generated a lot of buzz in the wrestling and entertainment industries. So how did these two lovebirds meet?

WWE star Alexa Bliss dazzles in a sparkling dress at the 2018 American Music Awards.
Alexa Bliss I Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Alexa Bliss and Ryan Cabrera were introduced by a mutual friend

If it hadn’t been for a certain friend of Bliss and Cabrera, the couple might not have ended up together. That mutual friend happened to be Bliss’ co-worker, The Miz. According to Comic Book, The Miz’s matchmaking began when he asked if Cabrera would be interested in a date with Bliss.

Cabrera got in contact with Bliss, and the two began chatting. After a while, the two meet at one of Cabrera’s concerts. Although Bliss was hesitant about dating a musician, Cabrera won her over. “He was very patient and persistent, and we became amazing friends. Ultimately it turned into an amazing relationship,” Bliss gushed about her fiancé. After a year of dating, Cabrera proposed to Bliss in November 2020.

Alexa Bliss previous relationship with a WWE wrestler

Before meeting Cabrera, Bliss was engaged to another man, former WWE wrestler Buddy Murphy. Bliss and Murphy met in 2015 when they were working in WWE’s developmental territory NXT. The two began dating and were paired together on television when she served as a valet for Murphy and his tag partner Wesley Blake.

Bliss and Murphy became engaged in 2017; however, their relationship faced strain due to them being on different brands. The couple was featured on the reality series Total Divas, where Bliss seemed to avoid marriage talk when asked about Murphy. A year after announcing their engagement, Bliss and Murphy would split up in 2018. The break-up was amicable with two remaining friends. When Murphy was released by WWE earlier this year, Bliss tweeted her support for her ex.

Alexa Bliss wedding plans

Bliss and Cabrera are remaining quiet about their wedding. However, Bliss is busy planning the ceremony and has already picked out a dress. The couple’s wedding is bound to have plenty of Bliss’ co-workers in attendance. One wrestler wants to be involved specially on the big day.

According to Pop Culture, Miz wants to sing at the couple’s wedding. Miz is returning the favor to Cabrera, who sang at the wrestler’s 2014 wedding. Whether Bliss and Cabrera let their friend sing at their wedding is unclear, but Miz has a big act to follow.