‘Y: The Last Man’: How Many Episodes Are in Season 1?

Following a three-episode premiere on Sept. 13, Y: The Last Man is now more than halfway through its first season. An adaptation of Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra’s DC comic books, the FX series explores a post-apocalyptic world after an unexplained event kills more than half of the population. The action is moving rather quickly, and it seems the finale will be here before fans know it. How many episodes are in Y: The Last Man Season 1?

Y: The Last Man stars Ashley Romans as Agent 355 and Ben Schnetzer as Yorick in episode 5
‘Y: The Last Man’ stars Ashley Romans as Agent 355 and Ben Schnetzer as Yorick | Rafy/FX

‘Y: The Last Man’ follows a post-apocalyptic world after anyone with a Y chromosome dies

In Y: The Last Man, much of the world is left in ruins when every person with a Y chromosome drops dead simultaneously — except, for reasons unknown, Yorick Brown (played by Ben Schnetzer) and his Capuchin monkey, Ampersand. Yorick keeps himself hidden as the world turns to chaos.

Yorick also happens to be the son of the new Congresswoman-turned-President of the United States, Jennifer Brown (Diane Lane). If the country learns about his survival, Yorick and Jennifer will undoubtedly become the subjects of a government conspiracy theory. So, she enlists the help of Agent 355 (Ashley Romans), a mysterious member of a secret agency, to protect Yorick and find someone who can research why he survived.

In an interview with Collider, Y: The Last Man showrunner Eliza Clark explained that she wanted to follow the original comics but give the concept an update.

“I want to honor the characters and the relationship and the worlds that they go to and certain plot points, but I feel free to kind of play within that and update. And one of the things that I wanted to do and Brian and Pia were really excited about was updating the concepts,” she said. “That the chromosomes are not equal to gender, and the world of the show is a much more gender-diverse place than it was in the comic book.”

How many episodes are in ‘Y: The Last Man’?

Y: The Last Man premiered on Sept. 13 via FX on Hulu. After dropping three episodes on premiere night, Hulu has shifted to releasing one new episode every Monday at midnight. Y: The Last Man is set to have 10 episodes in total, but only nine episodes have dates listed as of this writing. If there are no breaks in release dates, the finale should launch on Nov. 1.

Check out the episode titles and their release dates below:

  • “The Day Before”: Sept. 13, 2021
  • “Would the World Be Kind”: Sept. 13, 2021
  • “Neil”: Sept. 13, 2021
  • “Karen and Benji”: Sept. 20, 2021
  • “Mann Hunt”: Sept. 27, 2021
  • “Weird Al is Dead”: Oct. 4, 2021
  • “My Mother Saw a Monkey”: Oct. 11, 2021
  • “Ready. Aim. Fire.”: Oct. 18, 2021
  • “Peppers”: Oct. 25, 2021
  • Episode 10 (finale): Nov. 1, 2021

Will there be a season 2?

At the moment, Y: The Last Man has not yet been confirmed for season 2. However, given that the comic series contains 60 issues, it seems there’s plenty of content for Clark and the writers to work with. Additionally, Clark already has five or six seasons in mind. Speaking to Polygon, she revealed some general ideas she had for the future of the television series, taking the comics into consideration.

“I definitely do [want the big time jumps]. I think that’s part of what’s so fun about the book, is that it gives you the opportunity to play with time, play with genre,” she explained. “I love the way Brian drops you into the world, and you have to figure out where you are. But I felt like the first season needed to be about who the characters were, and what they had become. I felt like sticking with them was important, so the audience could see those changes.”

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