Yes, Ryan Reynolds Did Take His ‘Deadpool’ Suit Home After Filming

One of the audience’s favorite moments from The Incredibles came when Frozone saw that there was danger outside and started scrambling around yelling to his wife, “Where is my super suit?” Picturing Samuel L. Jackson’s voice only makes it more fun.

That is a situation Deadpool will not have to face. He knows exactly where his super suit is. His alter ego Ryan Reynolds has it. In true superhero spirit, the actor stole it from the set. And he’s not the only superhero actor who has done this. 

How Ryan Reynolds stole Deadpool’s suit

Deadpool had a long and tortured journey to the big screen. Although he wasn’t widely known 11 years ago, fans who knew and loved the character were excited to see him in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, where he would be fighting alongside Hugh Jackman. Then fans saw the movie and held their noses, complaining, among other things, they got Deadpool all wrong. 

Reynolds played the character even then and no one blamed him, but fans noted the irony that at one point, Deadpool lost the ability to speak, and well – what’s the point of Deadpool if he can’t talk?  So Reynolds kept trying to get a solo Deadpool movie made, only managing it after test footage leaked online. Cut to 2016, and Deadpool’s $316 million gross takes everyone by surprise. 

So even before the movie came out, Cinemablend quoted Reynolds as saying ” I loved wearing it and I have run away with one – I’ll probably get into trouble for saying that, but I’ve waited 10 years to do this movie so I’m leaving with a f— suit. Can one blame him after it took so long to get the movie made, and after Reynolds’ other stab at a super-suit, Green Lantern, pleased pretty much no one? 

Guess who else stole superhero stuff?

One can only wonder if the stolen suit was the one that Reynolds wore when he paid a visit to his frenemy, Hugh Jackman, as part of their ongoing comical feud. What makes the whole thing funnier is, Reynolds is not alone in keeping his super suit to himself. In fact, Tom Holland has gone him one better, stealing props from every Marvel movie he’s been in, according to Screen Rant. 

Holland took web-shooters from a Spider-Man suit and Tony Stark’s glasses. It’s not clear which glasses those were, but if they’re the ones with AI that Tony gifted him for Spider-Man: Far From Home, that’s especially tricky. 

However, he hasn’t been quite as lucky as Reynolds in scoring a suit, trying but failing to get one of those. When asked if he could get in trouble for it Holland cheekily replied: “Well I haven’t so far.”

Perhaps he ought not to, considering he played a big part in influencing the deal that allowed Sony and Disney to make nice and keep Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for at least a couple more movies. Holland’s third standalone Spider-Man movie is scheduled for July 2021.

Taking items from set is a common practice

Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds | Lars Niki/Getty Images for Museum of Modern Art, Department of Film

While it’s bold of Reynolds to take an entire costume and bold of Holland to try to take an entire costume, it’s actually rather customary for stars to keep some of memento from the sets they work on. Particularly when a long-running show wraps for good.

For instance, when Glee wrapped up its run in 2015, she took the football jersey worn by her former boyfriend, the late Cory Monteith. 

Millie Bobby Brown, wrapping up a season of Stranger Things, had an odd take-home item: a vial of blood from Eleven’s fake nosebleeds. She said to People: “It was like a little bottle and I just kept it on me because I have a memory book, so I keep all my lipsticks from every awards show I went to. And then my envelope from the MTV Awards. And then the blood from Stranger Things.”