YFN Lucci Doesn’t Regret Party That Resulted in Split With Reginae Carter

Both Reginae Carter and rapper YFN Lucci have been speaking a lot lately about their relationship and how it ended. With Carter, the daughter of Lil Wayne, talking on television and social media about the split, Lucci is also giving interviews and speaking about it as well.

YFN Lucci and Reginae Carter in 2018
YFN Lucci and Reginae Carter in 2018 | Prince Williams/WireImage

Reginae Carter was recently candid about her relationship with the rapper

The two were romantically linked for a couple of years. Their pairing gained a lot of attention and publicity not only due to the fact that Carter was the daughter of Lil Wayne, but also because Carter, 21, is almost 10 years Lucci’s junior. The rapper also has two children, a cause for concern for fans.

After breaking up in August 2019, rumors ran rampant that they were on-and-off for months. But now, it looks like the couple is officially done for good.

In an Instagram Live session with Love & Hip Hop star and family friend, Shekinah Jo, Carter got super candid about her breakup. She spoke to the reality television personality about what she learned after the split.

“I don’t care how old I get or how young I am, I will never allow no man to post a girl shaking they a**,” she said. “I don’t care if she’s shaking it to your music. It’s a respect thing. Maybe that’s just not me. Maybe that’s just not my crowd. But I will never be cool with no man going to no party with no hecka naked girls shoving cucumbers anywhere. I would never date a rapper again. I already learned my lesson.”

Her statements came after she spoke at length about her relationship turmoil with Lucci on the most recent episode of T.I. and Tiny: The Friends and Family Hustle.

YFN Lucci seems to have no regrets about the catalyst that resulted in their demise

It seems like the straw that broke the camel’s back in their relationship was a salacious party that Lucci went to which hosted by Love & Hip Hop star Alexis Skyy and rapper Trouble. Skyy and her boyfriend at the time held a #CucumberChallenge party.

According to Meaww, the private party had a “cucumber contest, inviting the guests to use the vegetable in the most unimaginable way possible and the idea was to see who could get most graphic with it.” 

Lucci spoke about the so-called “cucumber party” in an interview with Atlanta radio host Fly Guy DC. Saying he doesn’t regret being at the party, Lucci said, “I’m me bro. If you ain’t gon’ like me, I ain’t trying to change or make you f**k with me.”

The rapper also addressed the controversial age difference between him and Carter, which garnered backlash. He said that the difference could have contributed to their split but didn’t give any further details.

Lucci said, “Kinda sorta. H**l yeah it do. But I can’t say that cuz s**t n***a. It’s a lot of young folks dealing with s**t. Everybody ain’t the same. It’s about that person.”

When asked if he thought that he needed to portray himself a certain way because Carter’s father is Lil Wayne, Lucci said, “H**l nah. It’s what he do.” He added that Lil Wayne is not judged for his behavior so, “how they gon’ judge a n***a?”

More then likely, Lucci and Carter’s split will be documented more on this season of T.I. and Tiny: The Friends and Family Hustle, which airs Mondays on VH1.