‘You’ Season 2: This Is How Love Quinn’s Husband Died, According to Fans

Before Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) started dating Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley), she was married to her first husband, James (Daniel Durant). She revealed to Joe that he died “unexpectedly.” After Love’s violent pass was exposed, many You fans began to question the circumstances surrounding James’ death. 

[Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers from You Season 2]

Love’s husband died from an unknown illness 

Victoria Pedretti, and Penn Badgley sitting next to each other in 'You' Season 2.
Victoria Pedretti, and Penn Badgley from ‘You’ Season 2

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After showing Joe the best food spots in LA, Love opened up about her personal life. Love tells Joe that she’s a widow and that her husband’s name was James. She explained that her husband had an “unknown illness.” 

In a series of flashbacks, Love’s relationship dynamic with James is revealed – when she proposes the idea of having children, he is against it at first. He argues that they can’t financially support a child. Being that Love comes from a wealthy family, she suggests they borrow money from her parents. But, James rejects the idea, saying that this is something they both decided against. Soon after, he died unexpectedly, and they never had children. 

‘You’ fans speculated that Love poisoned James

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In a Reddit post, a user posted a fan-made video that addresses James’ death. The video suggests that Love killed her husband. 

James’ objection to children deeply upset Love, and she alluded to this with Joe. After Sohpia’s death, Love wanted to have a “perfect family.” So, when James shattered her plans for a family, Love murdered him.

The theory suggests that Love killed James with poison. Given that she is a skilled baker, the user alluded to the possibility of Love poisoning James through food. The user suggests that Love found a method to poison James without being detected – this would explain how he died unexpectedly, and no one knew the cause.

In addition, the user referenced this line in the video: “In one of the earlier episodes, Love says she did a terrible thing, she ‘put some of her husband’s things in a box and threw them away.’ I think this may refer to her murdering James and maybe getting rid of him.” This argument suggests that Love murdered her husband and disposed of the body.

When is ‘You’ Season 3 returning to Netflix?

In You Season 3, Joe moves to the suburbs with his newborn son Henry and his wife, Love. Joe wants to start a new life. However, when a new neighbor moves in next door, Joe’s obsessive tendencies threaten to resurface. Alongside Penn Badgley, Victoria Pedretti, and Saffron Burrows will return for season 3. 

The new cast members include Michaela McManus, Tati Gabrielle, Shalita Grant, Chris O’Shea, Ben Mehl, Dylan Arnold, and more. Also, showrunner Sera Gamble and creator Greg Berlanti will return as executive producers for season 3. Secondly, Michael Foley, Leslie Morgenstein, Gina Girolamo, and Sarah Schechter will join the new season.

You Season 3 premieres on Netflix on Oct. 15.