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The British royals are one of the most recognizable families in the world, so it’s no surprise the public is fascinated with just about every aspect of their lives. The family’s bloodlines date back more than 1,000 years, and the modern royals are so popular they are seen as fashion icons and role models. However, the life of a royal isn’t scripted like a fairy tale.

In addition to the tragic death of Princess Diana, the British monarchy has dealt with quite a few embarrassing scandals. Here are 15 scandals and dark secrets the royal family doesn’t want you to know. They especially hope to keep the secrets of their family lineage under wraps (page 9).

1. Princess Beatrice was romantically involved with a convict

Princess Beatrice of York sits on a horse drawn carriage during a parade in London.
Princess Beatrice of York during a London Parade | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

In 2006, the socialite and eldest daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson dated a man who was convicted of assault and battery. Prior to meeting Princess Beatrice, Paolo Liuzzo was arrested for manslaughter after severely beating a man named Jonathan Duchatellier, who died from his injuries. The manslaughter charge was eventually dropped, and Liuzzo was put on probation. Although the palace wasn’t thrilled about Beatrice’s beau, the Duchess of York released a statement saying they “must trust her.”

“As any parent will know, the most important element in a relationship with your child is trust,” Ferguson said. “We all have our own journeys and have to learn our way, but Beatrice is a sensible girl, soon to be 18, with many friends including Paolo. We must trust her judgment.”

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