‘The Young and the Restless’ Fans Are Split Over Tara

The Young and the Restless is one of the longest-running soap operas in TV history, and it’s currently cooking up quite the paternity scandal. Newcomer Tara Locke breezed into town and dropped a big bomb on former lover Kyle Abbott regarding her son, Harrison.

Now, Tara, her husband Ashland, and Kyle are all involved in a dramatic custody battle. Add in the fact that Kyle plans to walk down the aisle with his fiancé, Summer Newman, and emotions might just explode. Fans aren’t sure about Tara — is she a good addition to the show or just another troublemaking diva?

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Tara’s dramatic entrance onto the show

Before she ever showed her face in Genoa City, Tara’s name was briefly mentioned during a conversation with Theo Vanderway, Sally Spectra, and Kyle Abbott. Theo informed Kyle that he knew about his secret affair with Tara and wondered if he was Harrison’s father. Concerned, Kyle reached out to Tara with no luck.

Instead, she later showed up at the Grand Phoenix (her first show appearance — in March of this year) and reluctantly admits that he is the father of her child per Soaps in Depth. The whole thing comes to blows when Ashland finds out. He decides to pursue his own investigation, making Tara nervous he’ll try to seek full custody.

Through all of this is Summer Newman, Kyle’s fiancée. As Kyle comes to terms with his newfound fatherhood, he starts getting closer to Harrison, which ultimately leads to him spending more time with Tara, making Summer jealous of their relationship.

Fan division over Tara

With Kyle and Summer a fan-favorite couple, many disapprove of Tara Locke butting into their lives and wreaking havoc. Her constant presence has fans over the whole storyline. One took to Twitter to express her frustration, asking for some Tara-free episodes.

While a majority of fans agree that Tara is the worst, some sympathize with her situation and enjoy watching her scenes. A few fans even admitted to loving Tara, despite it being an unpopular opinion. The reasons for the Tara hate are simple.

Besides seemingly coming between Kyle and Summer, she also hid the paternity of the baby. If that’s not bad enough, she let another man (Ashland) believe he was the father and help raise the child. Love her or hate her, looks like Tara’s here to stay for a while. At least until this storyline gets resolved. In the meantime, watch for her to cause even more drama between Kyle and Summer and anger fans that already hate her.

Will it only get more dramatic?

With Kyle, Ashland, and Tara looking to settle custody issues, will things finally settle down? Not according to the most recent episodes. Ashland and his new love interest, Victoria Newman, were toying with the idea of getting involved with each other when he dropped a bombshell.

According to Soap She Knows, he has terminal lung cancer, and the doctors are giving him six months left to live. Is Ashland lying? Is this just another scheme to prove how ruthless he can be? Does it have anything to do with his relationship with Tara, Kyle, and Harrison? Or is he telling the truth and only has limited time left?

The dramatic twist that no one saw coming is sure to rock Genoa City when everyone finds out. The news will certainly take its toll on Tara and may even portray a gentler, softer side that fans may embrace.

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