‘The Young and the Restless’: Why Greg Rikaart is Not Sending His Son to Preschool Just Yet

Greg Rikaart has been a regular on The Young and the Restless since 2003. He plays Kevin Fisher, a computer genius who often seems to have a lot of problems with love. However, when he is not being Kevin on TV, Rikaart is a married man with a young child.

Rikaart is currently going through the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic like most people, and he is also aware of the current debate surrounding school openings. Rikaart’s son is currently in preschool, though the actor has shared that he is not sending his son back to school just yet.

Greg Rikaart
Greg Rikaart | Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

Greg Rikaart has 1 son with his husband

Rikaart is currently married to writer Robert Sudduth. The two of them first revealed their relationship in 2013 after the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage. At the time, they were not yet married, but they tied the knot in Maui in 2015.

In 2016, Rikaart and Sudduth welcomed a son named Montgomery Argo via surrogacy. Rikaart introduced his son to fans on Instagram and wrote, “He is light and love and magic. Monte, Rob, myself and Marcela, our trooper of a surrogate, are all doing fantastic.”

Rikaart reveals he is ‘not ready’ to send his son back to preschool

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Rikaart’s son is now preschool age, but Montgomery will have to stay home for now. Rikaart revealed in an interview with Michael Fairman TV that he and his husband have decided to not send their son back to school just yet.

“I understand that there are parents who need to work and don’t have the luxury of childcare, and they need their kids to be in school,” Rikaart said. “I know there is a lot of evidence suggesting that kids are not specific transmitters of coronavirus, and even if they are, even if they do come down with it, they tend to fare quite well.  So, of course, no judgment on any parent who makes different decisions if they are well thought out, educated decisions and you’re using science to arrive at your conclusion.”

Rikaart added, “For us and my family, I think we have a very intimate understanding of how serious this is.  You know, Monte is only in preschool, but his preschool went back last week, and we are just going to keep him home until we feel like we are ready to send him back.”

Rikaart admitted that he is not worried about his son missing out on learning experiences at this time, but there are some concerns over his social developments. However, Rikaart and Sudduth are trying to make things work as best as they can for Montgomery.

“We are finding ways to do things socially-distanced with friends and to socialize him that way, and we are fortunate in that we have childcare,” Rikaart shared. “So, we have two extra hands on deck, 40 hours a week, which is super helpful, as there are no easy choices these days.”

Rikaart was tested positive for COVID-19 in March

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As Rikaart said, he and his family have had an “intimate experience” with COVID-19. Rikaart himself tested positive for the virus back in March.  He shared on Instagram that he “had a fever for 11 days, difficulty breathing and was diagnosed with pneumonia.” Fortunately, Rikaart was able to recover from it.

He also revealed to Michael Fairman TV that, although he is “out of the woods for sure” at this point, he still experiences “post-viral fatigue” from time to time.

“if I exert myself a little too hard for a few days in a row, I have a day where it can be hard to get out of bed,” Rikaart said. “I have some friends who are dealing with even more substantial post-viral fatigue.  One friend of mine, he hasn’t gotten his taste or smell back for over three months, and doctors are skeptical that he ever will now.”

Rikaart continued, “So, fortunately, I’m not dealing with any of that, but you know, it’s hard to not wish that it just never happened, and that I was physically who I was a few months ago.”