‘Young and the Restless’ Fans Don’t Want Kyle and Lola to be Done for Good

It’s all fun and games until divorce is on the table. Fans have been watching the drama unfold between The Young and the Restless characters Kyle and Lola, but now that the show is hinting that the two may be done for good, the reality is hitting home. Of course, in the world of soap operas, things are rarely as cut and dry as they seem, and that’s giving fans hope that this pair may be able to find a way to reconcile despite the odds. 

Are Kyle and Lola truly finished, or will they find a way to patch things up once they’ve gotten their flings out of the way? 

Hunter King, Michael Mealor, and Sasha Calle
Hunter King, Michael Mealor, and Sasha Calle | Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

Kyle and Lola have been through a lot 

Deemed “Kola” by fans, Kyle and Lola have been through a lot to get to where they are today. From the moment that Lola saw Kyle ordering from her food truck, the chemistry between the pair was apparent. If it wasn’t enough that Kyle was Lola’s first serious relationship, the moment that Kyle saved her life solidified their bond forever. No matter what happens next for this pair, they’ll never be able to deny the serious connection that has kept them coming back to one another again and again. 

As the pair’s relationship grew more and more serious, Lola impatiently waited for Kyle’s divorce from Summer so that they could finally be together. The family drama leading up to the marriage cannot take away the fact that Lola and Kyle were truly happy on their wedding day, but now the tables have turned. 

Fans want this pair back together

The drama picked right back up once the wedding bells had rung. Now Kyle has gotten back together with Summer, whom he married while Lola was in a coma. While he claimed that the marriage was only one of convenience to ensure that Summer would donate part of her liver to save Lola’s life, it’s clear that there was more than just convenience at the center for Kyle.

Fans are not pleased with this turn of events and believe very strongly that Lola and Kyle’s relationship is not really finished. Summer has been meddling in their relationship all along. The show writers’ decision to pair Lola up with Theo has not been sufficient to calm fans’ anger, either. While Lola made it clear to Kyle that she wanted him to butt out of her life and leave her to her new relationship, viewers want her back with her husband despite their plans to draw up divorce papers.

Many fans blame the writers

Rumor has it that Lola may soon reveal the shocking news that she is pregnant. If (and it’s a big if) the baby is Kyle’s, that would certainly change things when it comes to their plans to divorce. While soap operas are common ground for this kind of heart jerking announcement, even dedicated fans are calling foul. 

Many fans took to Twitter to voice their frustration with the writing for this plot point. “You shouldn’t rely on actors to try and carry crappy story for you. This break up continues to make zero sense. No amount of emotion can bring me back into the illusion. I’m more upset at the writing than affected by the emotion the actors are working so hard to sell,” one fan wrote. 

Another chimed in with similar sentiments: “I really hope there is a bigger plan for these two … together … otherwise terrible storyline.” 

At this point, fans are counting on a more nuanced story for Lola and Kyle. Otherwise, all the work to bring these two together just seems like a waste of energy and effort. What was the point? We’ll have to stay tuned to find out.