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Shows like The Young and the Restless thrive because their fans come back every weekday for a daily dose of soap opera magic. From the characters who have been there since the beginning to a young generation still making their name, fans are in tune with every action they take. However, in the case of Summer and Kyle’s relationship, some fans are looking way ahead beyond the scope of what’s already a tumultuous relationship.

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Hunter King | David Livingston/Getty Images

When Summer met Kyle

One special aspect of these long-running soap operas is the fact that audiences get to see the characters grow from children into adults. Summer and Kyle met as kids. And as they grew into adulthood, a romance blossomed that lasted several years and many pitfalls along the way. 

The romance has seen everything that one expects from the genre. From a scare in which they thought they might be siblings to other relationships, Summer and Kyle have already been through the wringer. After Kyle divorced his last wife, Lola, things got serious between him and Summer. 

Summer days, drifting away

Die-hard Young and the Restless fans witnessed Summer and Kyle’s romance blossom over many years.  For Summer, in particular, fans have already seen her go through so much before the wedding. In an interview with TV Source, King acknowledged this about her character’s journey on the long-running soap opera. 

“Summer has matured a lot. She’s had quite a bit of life experience now,” King told the site. “She’s been heartbroken and has broken hearts and has made a name for herself. Career-wise, she has definitely matured and is more grounded.”

King played coy about elaborating on the future of the relationship, but the creators likely already have an idea of where it’s headed. Every soap opera romance exists on a plane where every kiss, one-night stand, and brief encounter has consequences, and Summer and Kyle are the latest to take a leap that’s equal parts scary and intriguing. 

“I don’t think Summer wants to admit it because Summer likes to think of herself as a confident young woman, but I do think there is a little bit of insecurity when it comes to Tara,” King said, acknowledging the elephant in the room between Kyle and his ex. “She sees the connection that Kyle and Tara had and still have. Maybe in her mind, she sees something that isn’t there, or maybe it is there, so I definitely think there are some insecurities there that she doesn’t necessarily want to own up to.”

Kyle and Summer are closer than they’ve ever been. Still, Kyle’s past and Summer’s maturation could make for intriguing twists and turns as the two veer toward a seemingly inevitable marriage. Fans want a baby, but if everything is as chaotic as it seems, perhaps their favorite couple wants to wait until their previous drama has subsided. 

Twitter reacts


‘The Young and the Restless’: Fans Are Loving Summer’s Style Lately

When the series’ official Twitter account posted a gif of Summer and Kyle kissing, some fans planned an entire life for them. Of course, many want to see a pending wedding — a prediction that seems increasingly likely. And some are already giving the couple nicknames like “Skyle” and planning their family. 

Some fans want a Skyle baby sooner rather than later. After years of build-up and a seeming confirmation that this relationship is built to last, they were not alone either. Soap operas can tear apart a relationship in a matter of seconds, but it appears that Skyle is here to stay. Now, we wait and see how many of these predictions will come true.