‘The Young and the Restless’: Fans Wish Victor Supported Victoria the Way He Supports His Sons

Dysfunctional families are a staple of soap operas, and The Young and the Restless has its fair share. Victor Newman‘s children have been embroiled in family issues for a long time now. Ever since Adam and Victoria met, they have had it out for each other, plotting and scheming against one another to get ahead in the family business. Although Victoria has always had her father’s love, fans feel as though Victor isn’t as supportive of her as his sons. Find out why.

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How did Victoria and Adam get acquainted?

Adam and Victoria didn’t always know each other. The two half-siblings didn’t know each other and only met in their adult years. Adam was raised in another family by Cliff and Hope Wilson, oblivious to the fact that Cliff wasn’t his biological father.

However, when Hope was on her deathbed, she revealed to her son that her father was actually the wealthy businessman Victor Newman. He, therefore, went to work for him to try and forge a relationship with Victor at Newman Enterprises.

When he got introduced to his half-sister, Victoria didn’t exactly welcome him with open arms. Her resentment for Adam grew, even more, when he began climbing the corporate ladder at Newman Enterprises. As retaliation, he plotted to push Victoria out of the company and take over himself.

Things between Victoria and Adam have only gotten worse over the recent months after Victor tapped Victoria to be the new CEO of Newman Enterprises. Soap Central reports that Victoria has always been her father’s beloved oldest child. Her determination to follow in Victor’s footsteps and become the top person started from an early age.

To show her dedication to the family business, Victoria began working in the mailroom. She chose to learn about the company from there instead of going to college. Her ambition, coupled with her disregard for rules, saw her climb the ladder very quickly. However, Adam’s presence in their lives ended up complicating her otherwise flawless life plan, which made her furious.

Other Newman children also have their eyes on the prize

Victoria and Adam aren’t Victor’s only children who have expressed a clear interest in the company CEO position. Their half-brother, Nick has also proven that he can go to all lengths to ensure that the top spot is his. As such, the family business has caused chaos within the Newman family.

Both Victoria and Adam have spent some time at the top and are both determined to ensure that they remain there. Victoria’s viciousness has only gotten worse over the years. She tried to force Adam to sign away his rights to the Newman family name, which got fans riled up.

Her attitude in recent months has gotten fans upset, with many wishing for her downfall. Some fans on Twitter voiced their opinions proposing that she was the one who shot Chance Chancellor and not Billy, as earlier stated. Others don’t like watching her scenes and prefer to fast forward through them.

Fans want Victor to support Victoria

Even though Victoria’s attitude has rubbed fans the wrong way in the past few episodes, viewers would still want her to receive the same support other Newman children get. Judging by the conversations on Twitter, it seems all is not lost for Victoria.

One fan brought light to the fact that Victor doesn’t ever appreciate Victoria’s loyalty and support. Other fans joined in on the conversation, pointing out that Adam tried killing Victor, blackmailed him, and framed Victoria to take the fall and still gets favored by Victor at the end of the day. Only time will tell to see if Victor will express more appreciation for Victoria in the future.

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