What Is ‘The Young and the Restless’ Actor Sharon Case’s Net Worth?

The Young and the Restless has been around for decades, and while part of its original ensemble cast is already gone, some have managed to stay around to give their fans their daily fix of drama. A good example is Sharon Case. Case has been playing Sharon Newman for the past 27 years and has provided her fans with nothing but entertainment since then. Whether she’s stealing Victor’s empire or finding herself in a love triangle, there is no doubt that Case is a fan-favorite. Here is a quick look at Case’s net worth and how she got her wealth.

Sharon Case smiling in front of a cityscape
Sharon Case | PLS Pool/Getty Images

Case worked as a model before becoming an actor

Growing up, Case always wanted to become an actor. She, however, switched careers when she was a teenager. The actor said that she believed modeling would form a solid start in the acting business for her. When she was 17, a scout noticed Case at a modeling event and offered her a modeling job in Japan. Case ended up relocating to Japan for five months before returning to Los Angeles. She then began appearing in the theater, earning credits for the musical Grease, The Nutcracker, and The Wizard.

The actor’s first television role was in the ABC soap opera General Hospital. She was cast for the role of Dawn, Monica Quartermaine’s long-lost daughter. Speaking of the part, Case said that she practiced her lines day and night because she wanted to perfect the role. Case then left the show the following year and appeared in Doogie Howser, M.D. in a guest role.

She followed up with Beverly Hills 90210, Diplomatic Immunity, Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, and Cheers. In 1992, Case landed another role in the soap opera drama As the World Turns playing Debbie. Case noted that she loved the role and wanted to stay longer to explore the character fully. Case then appeared in Carpool Guy, Wentworth, Dad’s Home, and Poor Paul.

Case didn’t expect to be on ‘The Young and the Restless’ for so long

In 1994, Case landed another soap opera role in The Young and the Restless. She was cast to play Sharon Newman, a character introduced that year. Two other actors had played the role for two months each before Case took over. In 1995, Case was promoted to a contract, something which she didn’t see coming. The actor admitted that she thought she’d have the role for six months only. In February 2003, the star had to depart from the show due to contract negotiations but eventually returned in April. Since 2011, audiences have criticized Case’s character, Sharon.

Case herself has also acknowledged that she doesn’t like the direction the show’s writers have been taking her character. Case said that she doesn’t like being paired with several men as it waters down her storyline. A good example is when Sharon was paired with her former father-in-law. Case said that she hated the relationship since Sharon had grown to have a father-daughter relationship with her father-in-law. Case noted that the relationship felt incestuous on all levels. Sharon’s recent storyline involved getting diagnosed with breast cancer.

What is Sharon Case’s net worth?

Case has been working ever since she was 17 years old and has managed to build herself an illustrious acting and modeling career. Although most people know Case from Y&R, Case is also a jewelry designer and has made several investments, mostly through her business. Thanks to her large following on social media, Case has also built a lucrative career around being an influencer. She works together with brands to promote awareness about their products.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Case is worth around $3million, a fairly high amount for a soap opera actor. Soap opera actors get paid as little as $1,000 for every episode. The ones who’ve been around for a longer time get paid fairly well, receiving around $5,000 for every episode.