‘The Young and the Restless’ Fans Really Want Kyle and Summer to Get a House

Summer and Kyle have been fan favorites on The Young and the Restless for a long time. Fans have been rooting for them since day one, and the writers have made sure to give viewers their fix of the couple. With Diane back in the fold, the Abbott family seems a bit crowded, and fans want Kyle and Summer to get their own house to escape the madness.

Summer and Kyle have had a lot of ups and downs

Characters Kyle Abbott and Summer Newman on 'The Young and The Restless' on CBS
Kyle and Summer on ‘The Young and The Restless’ | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

Kyle Abbott and Summer Newman grew up together but lost touch when Kyle moved to New York. Summer’s upbringing wasn’t always the best, leading her to act out for a significant time in her life. When Kyle returned to Genoa City, Summer instantly developed a crush on him, but he shut down any romance they may have had, citing her age as the hindrance.

Their family situations also didn’t help, and for some time, it was believed that Jack was Summer’s dad, further complicating their relationship. However, after Austin’s death, fans and the couple learned that Jack wasn’t Summer’s dad, opening up a door for the two to date.

Kyle and Summer had an on-and-off fling for a while, and during one of their breaks, Kyle married Lola. However, he ended things with Lola and suggested he and Summer elope. However, she didn’t think favorably of the suggestion as she reasoned that Kyle only asked because he didn’t want to hurt Lola.

Nonetheless, she agreed, and they left for Chicago. While there, Summer learned that Kyle had remained in close contact with Lola, making her insecure. The pair managed to work through their issues and even moved to Italy when Summer landed a job as a designer there. Their resilience as a couple has earned them the fan-favorite couple tag from viewers.

Y&R fans want Kyle and Summer to get a house

With Diane back in the picture, things are about to get complicated. Diane returned to Genoa City while Kyle was away, and her return had him in emotional turmoil. He has been trying to process having his mother back after such a long time, and naturally, he has questions about where she’s been, given they thought she died.

Kyle has tried reconnecting with his mother and wants to know her better, and Jack might also be warming up to her. All this drama and Kyle and Summer’s proximity to it makes fans plead with the writers to give the young couple a house of their own.

A fan on Twitter said, “I hope Summer and Kyle can finally get their own place.” Another user said, “My loves, please give them a house of their own.” Another said, “They are amazing! Hopefully, soon they get a home of their own.”

Another fan held out hope that the couple “will get their own home soon.” However, some fans shut down suggestions of Skyle having their own place, with one claiming the Abbott house is also theirs. One fan even suggested that the show should give the family more family dinners.

Fans want more Skyle romance in ‘The Young and the Restless’

Fans can never get enough of the young couple and have been pleading with the show to give them a house and more romance and screen time. One fan said, “Love them so much, now give them more romance and a home, please.”

Another fan pleaded, “Please give them a house and more romance.” Some fans wanted a package deal saying, “Love seeing them back on our screens. I hope they get a house and a baby soon.”

Kyle and Summer have thrived as parents to Harrison Locke, and we may soon see them attempt to expand their family. If they do, it might make sense to move out of the Abbott home and make one for themselves.

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