‘The Young and the Restless’ Fans Are Totally Split Over Jack and Sally as a Couple

The Young and the Restless always gives its fans plenty of intriguing love stories to follow. One that has polarized fans is the pairing of Jack Abbott and Sally Spectra. A recent Twitter thread reveals that fans are quite torn over what they think of it. 

Some can’t stand the idea of these two together, while others think it’s actually refreshing. So, what are the arguments both sides have for and against it? Let’s dig into the recent fan reaction to Jack and Sally in The Young and the Restless and why fans are so split over the couple. 

Many fans were not on board for Jack and Sally to get together

'The Young and the Restless' cast attend 40 years of 'The Young and the Restless' celebration
‘The Young and the Restless’ cast | Angela Weiss/Getty Images

On a tweet posted from the show’s official Twitter account, several fans chimed in within the replies to express their lack of interest in Jack and Sally getting together. One fan noted that they didn’t even want to see the affair started, much less conclude: 

“Two good performers but this romance is a non-starter for me.”

There were many other outcries from fans, but they have reasons for these protests. There are some precise explanations for why fans don’t like Jack and Sally together that have to do with the makeup and background of both characters. 

Reasons why fans don’t like Jack and Sally together

One major reason fans don’t like this coupling is the age difference between the two. Jack is 36 years older than Sally, making some viewers uncomfortable. They’d likely prefer it if they two were closer in age. One viewer tweeted that it didn’t make sense: 

“The cringiest couple ever. He’s like, her grandfather’s age FFS. Stop it. Hook him up with someone else. Anyone else.” 

Another reason fans don’t like this pairing is that Sally isn’t really a fan-favorite character. Several fans expressed their displeasure at Jack for getting with Sally since they flat out don’t like her: 

“Don’t do this it’s embarrassing. For Jack to be played by Sally. She is not a nice person.” 

Another tweeted their agreement with this assessment: 

“I’ll be so happy when someone can see Sally girl is up to her old tricks.”

Someone else noted that Sally might have ulterior motives – namely, a financial incentive for dating the well-to-do Jack: 

“Please don’t let this story line be about Sally going for Jack just because he is wealthy !!” 

It’s apparent that, for many fans, these two may not be meant for each other. However, the interesting aspect of social media is that you often see multiple perspectives represented. Plenty of fans also chimed in to say that they like where this is going and want to see where this storyline heads. 

Why some fans do like Jack and Sally together

Not every fan is against the idea of the two being together, however. One tweeted that there was potential for the two, writing: 

“I love Jack and Sally together! It’s very bubbly and fun! A very clever Venus in Gemini type of relationship. This episode was fun.”

That wasn’t the only expression of support. Several people even assigned a hashtag and nickname to the couple: 

“Even if short lived I’m going to enjoy #Jally!” 

The bottom line is that not every fan will like Jack and Sally getting together, but is that such a bad thing? Soap operas are designed to incite strong emotions from their fan base. If everything went well all the time, the show would be boring, and no one would watch it. 

Yes, Jack and Sally may have disastrous results for both parties involved. However, fans would be lying if they said they wouldn’t be interested in seeing where it goes. 

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