‘Yumi’s Cells’ Season 2 Ending Explained – The Final Break Up & a Mystery Man

Many fans wanted Yu-mi and Babi to be the endgame couple of Yumi’s Cells Season 2. But Yu-mi’s heart has other plans by the finale of the K-drama. Fans were shocked when Babi and Yu-mi reunited after their breakup, only to have Babi propose. While it goes well for some time, Yu-mi cannot deny the inevitable at the end of Yumi’s Cells Season 2. Keep a watchful eye as the finale also reveals a long-awaited mystery man.

[WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Yumi’s Cells Season 2 finale.]

Yu-mi’s heart is no longer with Babi in ‘Yumi’s Cells’ Season 2

Before the finale, fans saw Yu-mi’s emotions sway due to one error. She was excited to marry Babi, met his father, and was taken care of when she was sick. But it all crumbles when his phone rings, and Yu-mi sees it is Da-eun. Babi never deleted her number or blocked it. But surprisingly, she felt calm.

Yumi’s Cells Episode 14, the finale, fans see a time jump after what is supposedly their break up. Yu-mi has gone on with her writing career and is doing well. But she freaks out when she cannot find a copy of her manuscript or laptop. Meanwhile, she attends the wedding of Dae-young and her close friend and colleague. While at the wedding, fans see Babi getting ready to leave Korea.

But before doing so, he receives a phone call from a cafe he and Yu-mi frequented. They explain they found her laptop. Babi, still being the kind man he is and supportive of Yu-mi, goes to get it. But on a time crunch, he puts the laptop in a storage locker at the airport.

He sends Yu-mi a message at the wedding, “You know that I always support Kim Yumi as a writer It won’t change if we break up. Write well. Good luck.” He tells her where the laptop is and the code. Yu-mi rushes to the airport after the wedding. Fans see a flashback to the moment Yu-mi broke up with Babi for a second time. Before Yu-mi could say it, Babi already knew as he looked at her hand without their couple ring.

Yu-mi moves on with her life after saying goodbye to Babi

After the flashback of their breakup, Yu-mi runs into Babi at the airport. It is their final goodbye as Babi asks if Yu-mi is seeing anyone. She answers “no” and asks Babi if he has a girlfriend. He replies “yes,” before boarding his plane. Fans later see Babi with his friend and learn Babi lied. He is still single but lies to Yu-mi so she can feel at peace and move on.

Sometime later, Yu-mi returns to her single self and sees other men with attraction. But she still focuses on her career. She is in a writing slump until Ruby calls her to invite her to a holiday party. Ruby helps Yu-mi get a strike of inspiration for her book and finishes it. She becomes overjoyed that her hard work is done.

Her Cells have an end-of-the-year award show and give credit to Babi for her writing career. After all, he always believed in her and pushed her to pursue writing despite the breakup. Later, fans see Yu-mi visit Woong at his company to return the laptop he had gifted her.

While Woong is happy to see her, she also rejects his dinner plans because she has plans of her own. Fans see as Yu-mi no longer has feelings for Woong despite him having them.

Yu-mi’s last love, Soonrok, is introduced during the end of ‘Yumi’s Cells’ Season 2

After seeing Woong, Yu-mi goes to Ruby’s party and is surprised to learn it is also a congratulations party for her. Her friends celebrate her writing career. Afterward, back home, her Cells hear a disturbance and are shocked to see it is Yu-mi’s Love Cell.

She explains while on her own, a portal opened that whisked her back to the village. And fans soon learn possibly why. In a flashback to the party, Yu-mi is having fun and is introduced to Dae-young’s colleague and friend. Yu-mi shakes his hand and shares her enthusiasm over working together.

While fans never see the man’s face, one thing is clear – it is Soonrok. The end of Yumi’s Cells Season 2 introduced Yu-mi’s last love and future husband, hinted at in the first season. The following day, Yu-mi gets a text message from Soonrok introducing himself. Now the question remains, will there be a Yumi’s Cells Season 3?


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