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Certain storylines must be followed when a K-drama is based on a webtoon. In Yumi’s Cells Season 2, fans ride along as Yu-mi rediscovers her passion and experiences the many woes of love like the webtoon. After the first season breakup with Woong, fans wondered if the K-drama would follow the same tragic path between Yu-mi and Babi. Sadly it did, and the K-drama soon starts a possible love triangle.

[WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Yumi’s Cells Season 2.]

Yu-mi breaks up with Babi over Da-eun’s confession in ‘Yumi’s Cells’ Season 2

Yumi’s Cells Season 2 has proven to follow the critical points of the webtoon story, especially in the second season. While fans were happy to see Yu-mi start an essentially perfect relationship with Babi, one fatal event changes everything. By all accounts, their relationship was perfect. Babi encouraged her to pursue writing. He was kind, generous, and Prince Charming.

But when Babi takes a new branch position in Jeju Island, it spelled chaos for fans who have read the webtoon. Yu-mi soon learns of the overly kind and bubbly Da-eun, an intern at Babi’s workplace. On the outside, Da-eun seems like a good person, but she falls in love too quickly.

Fans see her side of the story when she begins to crush on Babi until realizing he is dating Yu-mi. When they first meet, Yu-mi has her worries but brushes them away. But when Babi sells his Jeju home, and she runs into Da-eun, the intern drops a bombshell.

She inadvertently reveals she confessed her feelings to Babi. Yu-mi is angered but keeps her cool. Later, she meets Babi at a cafe and breaks off their relationship. While she was able to overlook things she initially disliked in a relationship, she could not ignore her boyfriend being swayed by another woman.

Woong remeets Yu-mi and discovers he still has feelings

Like the webtoon, Woong remeets Yu-mi when she sells him her rice cooker. At that moment, Woong realizes he was wrong to let her go. But Yumi’s Cells Season 2 continues to adapt the webtoon accurately between Woong and Yu-mi.

After her breakup with Babi, Woong becomes successful while Yu-mi becomes a published author. In the act of love, Woong buys all her book copies at the store. When hiring a new graphic artist for his company, he meets Control Z, who illustrated Yu-mi’s books. Through him, he meets Yu-mi again, and his heart flutters with leftover emotions. Fans learn his drive to move forward in life was Yu-mi.

Now thriving and well off, Woong sees it as a chance to start over with Yu-mi. After Yu-mi’s breakup with Babi, could she explore her old love with Woong again? According to the webtoon, this might not happen. In the teasers for the following episodes, Woong tries to win her back, but Babi also returns.

According to the established story, Yu-mi is too invested in her career for a relationship. It could be that Woong is once again left to pick up the pieces of his feelings for Yu-mi.

Babi returns and tries to get Yu-mi to reconsider in ‘Yumi’s Cells’ Season 2

Fans saw Yu-mi calling off their relationship, breaking Babi’s heart. He was genuinely in love with Yu-mi and decided not to tell her about Da-eun to salvage his relationship. But in the end, his kindness became his biggest enemy. The same situation occurs in the webtoon for Yumi’s Cells.

In the previews for Yumi’s Cells Season 2, Episode 11, Yu-mi gets caught between two ex-boyfriends. In the webtoon, Babi is heartbroken over the breakup and still longs for Yu-mi. He makes notes of all the places Yu-mi used to go. The teaser shows Babi returning to Seoul to his old job and moving into Yu-mi’s neighborhood.

Yu-mi now worries about bumping into Babi like they used to. In a snippet, fans see Babi look at Yu-mi with longing and asking to reconsider. But does this occur in the webtoon? The webtoon has Yu-mi consider Babi’s request and agrees. But after a short time, she realizes he was too perfect.

Fans have yet to see who Yu-mi ends up with as the K-drama goes into its last episodes.

Yumi’s Cells Season 2 is available on Viki.


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