Yvonne Orji Hilariously Recalls The Moment She Thought She Bombed Her ‘Insecure’ Audition

While Insecure delves into the romantic lives of its primary characters, the story very much revolves around the close friendship of Issa and Molly. Played by comedian Yvonne Orji, Molly has developed into the most flawed character of the series. Now in its fourth season, Orji recently revealed how she did not think she’d be on series at all after believing she bombed the audition in the final round.

Yvonne Orji as “Molly” on ‘Insecure’

Orji stars as Issa’s best friend Molly. The two met in college and have been thick as thieves ever since. In the premiere season, Molly and Issa are at two different stages of their professional and personal lives. 

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While Issa is struggling to find passion in her job working in non-profit, Molly is thriving as a rising star at her law firm. The two also differ in their dating lives. Molly is single and yearning for love yet oftentimes gets in her own way – while Issa is in an unsatisfied longterm relationship.

Their friendship remains solid as Issa’s romantic relationship unravels and Molly dabbles in dating, ignoring men who could be potential partners for those who are more appealing to the eye or perceived to be more successful. 

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As the seasons progressed, Molly and Issa’s relationship is often tested due to their differing personalities. Issa is on a journey of personal growth while Molly appears to be stuck in a revolving cycle of making poor decisions, lacking accountability, and not being supportive of Issa. 

Yvonne Orji says she thought she bombed her ‘Insecure’ audition 

During Rae’s popular A Sip series, she and Orji reminisced on Orji’s audition process. Orji was initially feeling confident after making it all the way to the fourth round. 

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“Audition four, when we chemistry read, yo, I walked out that joint like, ‘If they don’t want me, they don’t even know what they want,’” Orji joked. “I was walking down Beverly Hills skipping. Then, the fifth audition, I cried in my car, I was like, “It’s cool, I don’t even need this job,” she recounted through fake tears.

Orji revealed that the drastic change was a result of how different the vibe was from the first few auditions to the final test read in front of the decision-makers. She said the atmosphere prior was lighthearted and things turned serious in the final round.

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“During the audition, everyone is encouraging and we’re having fun and then at the test it was like midnight,” she said. “It was darkness, it felt like midnight…it was like in an auditorium and nobody was smiling and everyone was in suits.”

Orji also admitted that her confidence was crushed when she discovered she was up against two other actors in the final role. Thinking she’d already secured the part, it was a shock to her. A devout Christian, she started a conversation with the other women and revealed that she would pray for the best outcome and was devastated to learn that they shared the same faith as she felt her faith would set her apart.

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“We were all waiting and they were like they’d been praying to God and I just looked at them and asked, ‘So all y’all been praying to God too?’” she confessed. “That was my trump card and I’m like, ‘So we all Christians?!”

With so much riding on the audition, she did not feel like she did her best. Orji said that she did not receive much response from the network after she finished the scene. As she walked out of the room, she overheard the casting director ask the network executives, “So what do we think about that one?” 

Thankfully, Orji landed the role and four seasons later, she’s the character fans love to hate.