Zach Choi Intervenes in Nikocado Avocado vs. Stephanie Soo Feud

One would think an online community that focuses on eating food would be easygoing and peaceful, but some mukbangers are in an uproar. There’s a mini soap opera going on in the mukbang world on YouTube, and at the center of it all is well-known vlogger Nikocado Avocado.

The tiff between him and Stephanie Soo has taken some interesting turns since it first blew up just before the holidays. Now, fellow vlogger Zach Choi is stepping in to clarify some things.

Zach Choi, Nikocado Avocado, Stephanie Soo
Zach Choi, Nikocado Avocado, Stephanie Soo | Zach Choi/YouTube

A quick recap of the feud

After Stephanie Soo released her video saying how she felt manipulated by Nikocado Avocado and scared of him for sending her a barrage of harassing texts, fans lit into him on her behalf. In her 45-minute video, she talked about how she felt like he violated her trust and friendship, and that his attempt to get her to trash Veronica Wang during their collaboration video made her uncomfortable.

After the post, Soo decided to take a brief hiatus from social media. Her video garnered more than 7 million hits, and fans were quick to call Nik “toxic” and started a campaign to cancel him.

Fans took sides after Nikocado Avocado’s comeback

A few days after Soo shared her story, Nikocado Avocado posted a response on YouTube since he was being bombarded with negative feedback. He addressed what Soo said about him and then some.

In his 90+-minute video, he called Soo self-serving and said he didn’t like her, and went to say other mukbang vloggers don’t like her either. He claimed he had “receipts” and basically called her a liar and manipulator. He produced texts from Zach Choi, presenting them as evidence to “expose” Soo and indicate that not many people like or support her.

Eagle-eyed viewers said his voice recordings and text messages didn’t add up, but still some fans switched allegiances from Soo to Nik. Many simply could not make sense of Nik’s video at all or thought he was being dishonest. Choi has his own thoughts.

Zach Choi tells his side of things

One of the other people in the middle of this is mukbang vlogger Zach Choi. He’s seen in a collaboration video with Soo and Nikocado Avocado. On Dec. 31, he decided to clear up what Nik said in his video about their text exchanges, and his thoughts on Soo. He is not on board with Nik’s “exposé.”

With a series of tweets, Choi explained that the stuff between Soo and Nik happened the day before he showed up for their collaboration video, and he never gave consent to Nik to share their texts.

He also shared that he believes Nik dragged him into something he didn’t want to be a part of, and Nik never liked Soo. Per Choi, Nik’s idea for the collaboration was based on getting an obviously uncomfortable Stephanie to “spill tea.”

After the three-way collaboration was recorded, Choi asked Nik why he was so pressed about exposing Soo and getting her say mean things about Wang. He said Nik got aggressive with him via text for disagreeing with him and his reluctance to bash Soo.

“Whenever I would disagree with him, I’d always have a looming fear he would get mad and use it against me.” He said the only texts that matter are the ones pertaining to the actual collaboration event and not conversations from three months ago. Choi says he’s been quietly supporting Soo from the background.

Since Choi made his position known, fans are once again dragging Nikocado Avocado, as they think he’s being shady. Soo has also posted a new video to dispute Nik’s claims in the video. It’s two against one now.