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With 146 million followers on Instagram alone, Zendaya is a bonafide celebrity. But being in the spotlight isn’t new for the Oakland native. Before she was starring in blockbuster movies like Spider-Man: No Way Home and wildly popular TV shows like Euphoria, she was a Disney kid. Zendaya cut her teeth on acting at the mouse house, starring in shows like Shake It Up! and K.C. Undercover, gaining fans along the way.

Zendaya at the Time100 Gala
Zendaya | Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for TIME

Zendaya has become a fashion icon

But Zendaya didn’t just gain popularity because of her acting chops. She’s also made her stamp in the fashion world. She and her long-time stylist, Law Roach, have delivered countless iconic looks throughout the course of her career. Her looks on red carpets and magazine covers have cemented her status as a fashion icon. The 25-year-old is often thought of as a designer darling, with the biggest names in fashion eager to dress her.

The ‘Euphoria’ star is also a gifted singer and dancer

Of course, Zendaya’s talent doesn’t end there. She’s also a talented singer and dancer. In 2013, Zendaya placed second in season 16 of Dancing with the Stars. Though she was declared the runner-up, she consistently had the highest scores all season. Meanwhile, Zendaya has displayed her vocal talents with songs like “Replay”, “Rewrite the Stars”, and most recently, “I’m Tired.”

Zendaya has been able to maintain anonymity

But despite Zendaya’s many accomplishments, the Emmy winner has been able to maintain a sense of normalcy. She maintains a pretty private identity and is rarely photographed outside of work. However, in recent times, there’s been a bit of a shift for the producer. In an interview with Vogue Italia, she explained how her recent success has shifted things for her.

“Recently I’ve had more of a change happening in regards to reactions when I meet people or how people interact with me on a daily basis, because for so long I’ve been able to maintain a little bit of anonymity in a way where I could go off and do things and still live a pretty normal life,” Zendaya shared. “Of course, it comes with new sets of challenges and pressures, but I’ve been doing this for a long time, and I started when I was quite young.”


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Continuing on, Zendaya shared that being a child star has helped her navigate her decreasing anonymity. “So thankfully I’ve had a little bit of time to ease and grow my experience in a way that wasn’t just completely an overnight change,” she shared. “I’m always adjusting to it and trying to be grateful for it all in the end, because it means that people are clearly resonating with the work that I’m doing, and that means a lot to me.”