Zendaya Shot a Secret Movie Called ‘Malcolm & Marie’ With John David Washington During the Pandemic

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has absolutely halted life across the globe. People have been asked to remain inside their homes, to practice social distancing, and to wear masks if and when they do need to go outside.

Hollywood and the entertainment industry as a whole have been devastated by the virus. Crewmembers, actors, and everyone in between have halted their projects and returned home to be with their families. Many films and TV shows that were set to premiere have either been pushed back or canceled altogether.

While many projects are only just now considering the possibility of resuming production, it appears that a secret movie, Malcolm & Marie, starring Zendaya and John David Washington was shot and completed during the pandemic.

Inside Zendaya and John David Washington’s secret movie

Media mogul Tyler Perry has talked about all of the precautions he will take in order to resume shooting at his Atlanta-based studio soon. However, it looks like Euphoria creator Sam Levinson was able to begin shooting amid the pandemic.

Levinson got Zendaya and Tenant actor John David Washington on board to shoot his feature film, Malcolm & Marie. Deadline is reporting that Zendaya was actually the mastermind behind the film. Journalist Anthony D’Alessandro wrote,

On Monday, March 16, Levinson received the call from HBO that Euphoria’s Season 2 had to shut down. I understand that one night during quarantine, Zendaya phoned him and asked if he could write and direct a movie during quarantine. Within six days, Levinson had cracked Malcolm & Marie. When it came to thinking about who could spar with Zendaya, Levinson kept seeing and hearing in his head BlacKkKlansman Golden Globe nominee and Tenet star Washington.

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This is how ‘Malcolm & Marie’ was shot during the pandemic

Hollywood has many protocols in place in order to make sure the set is safe and COVID-19 proof. Malcolm & Marie was shot in just two weeks from June 17-July 2. Apparently, Levinson, his production partner, and wife Ashley Levinson, Washington, Zendaya, and long-time producer  Kevin Turen bankrolled the entire film during pre-production and filming.

Doctors, lawyers, and all of the necessary guilds were also consulted before the location of Feldman Architecture’s Caterpillar House was chosen to film the movie. Caterpillar House is located on 33 acres of land. It is the only LEED Platinum Custom Home on California’s Central Coast. Since the house is made of glass, the lean crew did not have to worry about venting for air or heat. Deadline is reporting the maximum number of people allowed on set at once was 12. D’Alessandro explained,

For two weeks, cast and crew wore masks, social distanced had their own separate dwellings with individual HVAC units, took hikes, rehearsed in the parking lot, and ate in designated spots food prepared by a chef who had been quarantined with the group. No one was allowed to leave the property.

What is ‘Malcolm & Marie’ about?

Presently the plot of Malcolm & Marie is under wraps however, the rumor is that it has similar themes to Netflix’s Marriage Story. However, the film is also said to echo the current cultural moment that we are in now amid Black Lives Matter.

It seems like we’ll know more once the film has completed post-production.